Are you looking for a way to spend more time with your husband, boyfriend, or sweetheart, but you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend? Check out these 30 days of frugal dates.

Here is a whole month’s worth of ideas to spend time with your sweetie every day for a month — without spending extra money.

Or, spread out your ideas and use them throughout the year for a weekend date night. Either way, this list of 30 days of frugal dates gives you plenty of options.

If you have a few dollars to spend, check out the Date Night Box for a fun and inexpensive at home date night.

One of my favorite authors for Christian women is Sheila Wray Gregory. Check out her book, 31 Days to Great Sex by clicking here.

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30 Days of Frugal Dates

1.Visit an arcade
2.Leave notes in library books
3.Bury a time capsule
4.Go to the beach
5.Have a photo shoot
6.Watch Disney movies
7.Go hiking
8.Cook a foreign meal
9.Try a new sport
10.Build something
11.Go to a concert
12.Visit garage sales
13.Have a picnic
14.Go to a drive in theater
15.Paint a mural
16.Play a board game
17.Have a scavenger hunt
18.Watch the sunrise
19.Go geocaching
20.Play 20 Questions
21.Walk downtown
22.Hike or walk on a trail
23.Make sushi or candy sushi
24.Watch a movie (neither of you have seen) on silent
25.Take a dance class
26.Go mini golfing
27.Make milkshakes or smoothies
28.Play video games
29.Do a craft
30.Look at wedding or first date photos

30 Days of Frugal Dates

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What are some frugal date ideas you have? Comment below.

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