It’s that time of year again: Holiday party season! With that brings tables of amazing goodies, and an open bar with boundless drink choices.

If you choose to imbibe in an alcoholic beverage or two, which are the best choices to help you maintain your weight? How do you avoid feeling yucky the next morning? Keep reading for 5 natural ways to avoid a hang-over after your holiday party.

5 Natural Ways to Avoid a Hang-Over After Your Holiday Party

1) Before you head out, take your anti-hang-over vitamins

While I am a fan of getting your vitamins and minerals from real food, there are some supplements that can help you avoid feeling yucky after a night of eating and drinking. Alcohol saps your body of vitamins and minerals. To help your body combat the effects of alcohol, take a dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin B (one that has both B6 and B12) and magnesium before you head to your party.

2) Drink a glass of water between every alcoholic drink

I mentioned this in my last article about how to eat healthfully at your holiday party and still have fun, but it is worth mentioning again. Alcohol is dehydrating, which is one reason you end up with a headache when you over indulge. Drinking water between drinks keeps you hydrated and also helps your liver metabolize the alcohol.

3) Choose foods full of anti-hang-over vitamins and minerals

Eat some foods full of vitamins and minerals while you are at the party.

Good choices include:

  • Natural sources of B12: salmon, eggs, beef, yogurt
  • Natural sources of B6: chicken, avocado, spinach, pumpkin seeds, bananas
  • Natural sources of vitamin C: bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries, oranges
  • Natural sources of magnesium: spinach, pumpkin seeds, beans, salmon, lentils

4) Choose lower sugar drinks

Alcohol is full of hidden sugar and calories. It is easy to drink an extra 500-1000 calories over the course of an evening without even realizing it!

Make sure you are aware of how many calories and sugar grams you are drinking when you choose your drinks. If you want a higher calorie drink that is fine, but maybe it should take the place of an extra dessert on your plate.

High Calorie/High Sugar Drinks (Avoid or Infrequent):

12 oz Beer: 153 calories
1 oz Gin/Rum/Whiskey/Tequila/Vodka: 64-73 calories
5 oz Wine: 121-125 calories
1.5 oz Brandy/Cognac: 98 calories
1.5 oz Liqueurs: 165 calories
9 oz Pina Colada: 490 calories
6 oz Mojito: 143 calories
4 oz Margarita: 168 calories
1.5 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream: 164 calories (and over 2 teaspoons of sugar!!)

Use soda as a mixer to any of the above and you add an additional 47-100 calories!

A great lower calorie substitute is 1.5 oz of vodka mixed with plain seltzer water and half a lime.  At 64 calories it tastes refreshing, crisp and not too sweet.

Remember that drinking alcohol typically enhances our craving for sweets, which encourages overindulgence in cookies, cakes and other treats.

5) Avoid Tylenol or other OTC drugs the next day

What if you accidentally overate and drank a bit more than you expected, and you wake up the next morning feeling not so hot?

Most people reach for the bottle of Tylenol, but taking a painkiller simply taxes your already overwhelmed liver.

Instead, it is better to drink a cup of black coffee to help your headache, and a cup of ginger root steeped in hot water can calm a nauseous stomach.


5 Natural Ways to Avoid a Hangover|The Holy Mess