When we became were in the process of becoming foster parents, I voraciously read everything I could find about foster children, how to help children who have experienced trauma, and working within the foster care system. While this understanding didn’t prepare me for all the tough realities of the foster care system, I’m so thankful I took in as much information as I could. Later, I needed even more help to guide my children who are adopted in healing from their early childhood trauma. Here are 50 books about adoption, foster care, and healing child abuse.50 Books About Adoption, Foster Care, and Healing Child Abuse|The Holy Mess

Books About Healing Childhood Trauma, Parenting Adopted Children, and Child Abuse

Parenting the Hurt Child by Gregory Keck


The Connected Child by Dr. Karin Purvis


Therapeutic Parenting in a Nutshell: Positives and Pitfalls by Sarah Naish


When Love is Not Enough by Nancy Thomas


Healing Trust: Rebuilding the Broken Bond by Nancy Thomas


99 Ways to Drive Your Child Sane


From Fear to Love by Bryan Post


The Open Adoption Experience


Beyond Consequences


The Primal Wound


Forever Mom: What to Expect When You’re Adopting by Mary Ostyn


The Whole Brain Child by Dan Siegel

I Love You Rituals


Attachment, Trauma, and Healing

But He Looks So Normal: A Bad Tempered Parenting Guide for Foster Parents and Adopters


These two by Brene Brown are not specifically about parenting children with trauma, but are very good.

The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting: Raising Child with Courage, Compassion, & Connection by Brene Brown


The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are by Brene Brown


The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog by Bruce Perry


Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew


Building the Bonds of Attachment


Books About Foster Care

Another Place at the Table by Kathy Harrison — foster mom

Child Called “It” by Dave Pelzer

One Small Boat by Kathy Harrison


Other Helpful Books and Resources


One Child by Torey Haden – Torey has written a whole series of books about children she taught in her special needs classes. These books are a quick read and SO VERY good. I HIGHLY recommend these books, especially One Child.

Parenting with Love and Logic

Parenting Teens with Love and Logic

The 5 Love Languages

Boundaries with Teens

Devotions and Faith-Based Books about Adoption and Foster Care

Swings Hanging from Every Tree — devotions about foster care and adoption


30 Prayers for Special Needs Parents

Children’s Books about Foster Care and Adoption


Challenger Deep – young adult novel about mental health issues

My Feelings Workbook

Maybe Days – a book for children in foster care

What To Do When You Worry Too Much  – a book for children who have anxiety, very good

I Said “No!” (Preventing Sexual Abuse) — we’ve used this book. It’s very good for any child.

The Family Book by Todd Parr

The Day We Met You by Phoebe Koehler

“A” is for Adopted by Elieen Tucker Cosby

All Families are Different by Sol Gordon

All Families are Different by Nina Pellegrini

Yes, I’m Adopted!

Books About Specific Disabilities and Diagnosis

Smart but Scattered — excellent for ADD, ADHD and other Executive Function issues. We use the checklists in this book for morning and bedtime.

The Feeling Good Handbook — For mental health. This book is more geared for adults, considered the Bible of mental health and therapy, it’s an amazing resource guide.

The Art of Advocacy

Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid

Parents IEP Guide

The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun

Books about Self-Care

My Hope Toolbox Printable Kit for Depression & Sadness – this is a printable from my website

My Hope Toolbox Printable Kit for Depression and Sadness

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50 Books About Adoption, Foster Care, and Healing Child Abuse|The Holy Mess

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