Author: Jeff Marshall

Picture Perfect

by Jeff Marshall Some days the words just aren’t there. It’s been a really long week. I do realize I say that around this time every week, but this time it’s TRUE. Really! TRUE! I’ve been fighting a small bug or virus the last...

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When I Was a Youngster…

by Jeff Marshall With this blog, I officially become an old man. I have always given my dad a hard time about the many stories he shares about his childhood. How he had to walk 72 miles back and forth to school everyday –...

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BY JEFF MARSHALL   This is going to be the most controversial blog I’ve written thus far. Heads are going to roll, jaws are going to drop, streetlights will dim, and lives will never be the same. But, you know what, sometimes in...

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My 4 Current Obsessions

by JEFF MARSHALL. Jeff is a musician, humorist, gardener, and uncle from Decatur, IL. Jeff is also Sara’s cousin and life-long dear friend. 1) THRIFT SHOPS – I used to be a snob! I really did! I wouldn’t dream of buying...

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Hi! I’m Sara.

Welcome to The Holy Mess. I love helping women find balance in busy lives for faith, family, & fitness. Read more about my 100 pound weight loss story here. Mostly I’m a real wife and super real mom. Feel free to contact me by clicking here.

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