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Winter won’t die.

Here in western New York, winter just keeps going like the energizer bunny.

winter in western New York

Last weekend I took this photo – the kids decorated the porch with their Easter chalk and in the background the snow flies.


Sara Borgstede, Spring into Wellness speaker

This week, I had the opportunity to present “Spring into Wellness” to two groups. For the first presentation at St. Matthews in North Tonawanda, I drove over in the snow. For the second at St. Marks in Menden, New York, we moved the presentation to earlier in the day because an ice storm was on the way. Thank you God for allowing me to speak to these beautiful groups of women.

I used to present speaking engagements regularly but in recent years I’ve cut back to just three or four per year. Many people may not realize the work involved in being a speaker. I spend many hours in prayer and preparation. I once heard the advice to speakers that you should spend an hour in preparation for every minute you speak, and that is true for me.

I also once heard the advice, “Pray more than you prepare” and I’ve taken that to heart. Much of my preparation is in prayer for the women who will attend and that the Holy Spirit would guide my words.



Nothing quite like a cat on your lap for a relaxing afternoon. Check out the huge lego tower! That was my husband’s creation.

I’m not known as a huge animal lover. We didn’t grow up with pets and I’ve mostly tolerated our cats over the years for the sake of the kids. But I have to admit they are growing on me. There’s nothing quite like a warm cat on your lap for a way to relax. Our two older cats, Aphie (short for Aphrodite, she’s Kiersten’s cat) and Torch (Josiah’s cat) have endured moving 3 times in our journey across the country from Colorado to New York and finally settling into a new home. Tip: cats do not move well, but they will survive.

I wasn’t thrilled with the idea when our daughter Bekah (who is currently living with us) said she wanted to get a cat, but honestly we’ve all fallen in love with our newest family member Pixie.


Mom Life

Mom life

I’m pretty lucky to have a Lego guy guarding my desk. My coffee feels safer now.


What I’m Reading

I’m reading The Godfather. Have you read it? I’m enjoying that euphoria that comes from being in the middle of a good book. My son read it and we plan to watch the movie together when I’ve finished.

What are you reading lately?

The GodfatherThe Godfather


We are in the middle of a 7 week Faithful Finish Lines program and I set a personal goal of walk/running a 5K. This might seem like a small goal considering I’ve done much longer distances in the past, but I’m coming back from a knee injury so this is pretty big for me. I’m also training for my black belt in Tae Kwon Do (expecting to test in December – eek!) which takes most of my workout time. I also lift weights several times a week. So this goal was a step out of my comfort zone.

Mostly I’ve had to run inside on the treadmill (gag) but sometimes the weather cooperates enough that I am able to get outside. I’m slow but I’m out there doing it.

What I’ve Been Working On

My business partner Becky and I at Faithful Finish Lines (our online Christian women’s fitness program) have been crazy hard at work over the last couple months preparing our new course, Instant Pot for Weight Loss. Opening day was awesome!!! My email was pinging all day in the best of ways with notifications of how many people had purchased the course (over 100!). This course is available on an ongoing basis and it’s only $14, which is super reasonable for everything in it. Check it the Instant Pot for Weight Loss course here if you haven’t yet.

Instant Pot for Weight Loss Online Course

Next up for big events here at The Holy Mess is the The Bible Journaling Flourish Conference and this is going to be aaawwweeesome! I’m one of the speakers along with Jade, who is our Bible Journaling VA at The Holy Mess.

This course is jam-packed with videos, tutorials, interviews, and so much amazing stuff related to Bible Journaling. (Bible Journaling is putting creative artwork directly in your Bible or in a companion notebook. Learn more about Bible Journaling here.)

If you are into Bible Journaling, or if you want to get into it but you aren’t sure how, you are going to want to get in on this. It’s not open yet, but on opening day on April 23, check my site or my Facebook page and I’ll share the details.


People often ask me how I do it all. In addition to pastor’s wife, mom of 5 kids, and business owner, I also work part time as a Family Advocate, helping families whose kids have extreme mental health issues. It’s challenging work but I love it!

All this is accomplished only through the work of the Holy Spirit, but naps are a big help, too.

Behind the Scenes

I got the idea for this type of blog from my business partner Becky who shares a Friday Coffee Talk every week.  Her coffee talk blogs are some of my favorite posts of hers – and she has lots of great ones! If you haven’t checked out Becky’s site yet, be sure you do so here: So Very Blessed.

What do you think of this Behind the Scenes type of blog? Is this something you would like to see featured on a regular basis? Let me know in the comments.


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