Faithful Finish Lines Virtual (1)Are you in need of a boost to your exercise routine? I can relate. After a long winter, I’m anxious to get outside and enjoy the Spring sunshine.

Do you need to get moving — or to start moving? I was there a few years ago. Before I lost weight, I was not exercising at all. I hated exercise. But that changed for me, and it can change for you, too.

Friends, please come join us for our FAITHFUL FINISH LINES VIRTUAL EVENT DAY. Absolutely everyone can participate. This could not be more easy to join.

Here is how it works. Choose a fitness goal for next Saturday, April 25 that you will do on your own, wherever you live. If you had already planned to work out that day, great! Incorporate this into your workout plans. If not, this is the perfect motivation to do something for your fitness. Involve your whole family if possible.

Go to my Facebook page and post your plans. We all need accountability and this will give you accountability to meet your goal: Click here to go to my Facebook page.

Next week, take a selfie of you during or after your event and post it to our Facebook page. Let’s see how many photos we can get from people all over the country. This will be exciting!

How encouraging is it to know there are people all over participating along with you, and cheering you on! We will give you lots of virtual cowbell, I promise! If you need help setting your goal, feel free to post on our Facebook page and our leaders will give you support.

Be sure to “Like” our Facebook page. Throughout this next week, we’ll be posting race week tips, motivations, and inspirations!

Choose a goal that is within your current fitness level, and just a bit more challenging that what you would typically do. The idea is to get you up and moving after a long winter.

Here are some possible ideas for a fitness goal:

  • Walk a mile.
  • Run a 5K at a neighborhood park.
  • Complete __ number of push-ups or crunches.
  • Hold a plank for __ seconds.
  • Swim a half-mile.
  • Race your kids to see who can run the farthest without stopping to walk.
  • Bike 10 miles.
  • What other ideas do you have? Be creative!

Just for fun, here is a race bib to print out and wear if you would like to do so:


Click on image to download a printable bib. Write in your own race number!

I keep all my race bibs and put them up in my garage. It’s my motivation wall when I am having a bad day. I remember what I have been able to accomplish with God’s help.race numbers

Will you please participate in FAITHFUL FINISH LINES VIRTUAL RACE DAY with us? We would love to have you. No goal is too big or too small, truly! Click here to join in the fun!