Are you considering investing in a fitness tracker and you are wondering if the GoBe2 fitness tracker would be right for you? Here’s an honest review.

An honest review of the GoBe2 tracker by HealBe.
Full review of the GoBe2 with Flow technology.

I’m a fan of fitness trackers in general for weight loss. During my 100 pound weight loss, I got stuck on a long (over a year) plateau, and wearing a fitness tracker helped me break the plateau and continue my progress.

What is a GoBe2 Fitness Tracker?

The GoBe2 is different from a typical fitness tracker (like a FitBit or Garmin) because it uses a patented Flow technology to not only measure the calories you burn, but the calories you consume.

In other words, the GoBe2 will tell you the calories you’ve eaten. (Crazy, right?) This is uncharted territory in the field of fitness trackers. But does it work?

GoBe2 app - an honest review
The GoBe2 syncs with an app to give you all the data the tracker collects.

I set out to find out by wearing the GoBe2 for one month. I was not paid for this review but the HealBe company did send me one for free to test.

How does the GoBe2 work? HealBe says the device uses Flow technology that measures the fluid moving in and out of cells in order to determine how your body is using calories you’ve eaten.

The device also measures sleep, hydration, and stress.

The GoBe2 smart tracker measures:

  • Calories in and out
  • Hydration
  • Heart rate
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure (beta)

GoBe2 Fitness Tracker – An Honest Review {Video}

Pros to the GoBe2

After wearing the GoBe2 fitness tracker for a month, these were what I saw as the positives.

  • I’m a fan of fitness trackers overall. What’s measured can be changed and wearing a fitness tracker is motivating.
  • It was fun and interesting! As soon as I ate something, the tracker started to show the calorie balance. It even showed a break down of protein, fat, and carbs.
  • If the Flow technology is accurate (and that’s an if), in theory you wouldn’t have to track what you eat because the device is measuring both input and output and showing your the balance.
  • The reminders to stay hydrated were helpful and interesting. I got a little buzz from the devise throughout the day when it was time to drink more.
  • The sleep tracker was helpful, too, and the amount of sleep it recommends for you varies depending on your stress level, how well you slept the days before, and amount of activity.
  • The device “learns” from you and becomes more accurate the more you wear it.

Cons to the GoBe2

Here are what I saw as the disadvantages to the GoBe2.

  • The device is big on my wrist. Especially as a female, I found it to be bulky. For me it also went out of sync on a fairly regular basis.
  • The charge lasts 24 hours MAX.
  • You won’t know until 12-24 hours after you’ve eaten, how much you’ve actually eaten, because it’s measuring how your body processes the food. This isn’t helpful when you need to know now if you have enough calories left in the day to eat more.

Overall Honest Recommendation of the GoBe2

End of the day, my recommendation is to hold off on purchasing the GoBe2. It was interesting and fun to try it out, but I think the technology just isn’t accurate enough to make this product worthwhile.

One of the biggest challenges is that because it takes 12-24 hours to show how many calories you’ve consumed (while it gives you an overall take on your calorie balance) it isn’t helpful at the end of the day when you need to know if you’ve burned enough to splurge on a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s.

To learn more about the GoBe2 and see if it’s right for you, click here.

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GoBe2 fitness tracker - an honest review

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