You’ve tried bootcamp.

Now it’s time for Grace Camp.

Say goodbye to restriction. Say hello to healthy.


Grace Camp

Grace Camp is a free, two-week online Christian Women’s faith and fitness program. Each week, you will have access to materials that will motivate, encourage, and inspire you to make healthy life changes – without the guilt.

Grace CampIntroducing…Grace Camp!

Grace camp is a 2-week snack sized taste of our online faith and fitness program, Faithful Finish Lines.


Why should you try Grace Camp?

  1. Grace Camp is completely FREE. No obligation to pay for anything and we won’t hound you for money later. I promise. If we do, you have permission to egg my website with virtual eggs.
  2. This is for absolutely anyone of ANY fitness level. If you don’t exercise at all, this is for you. If you run marathons, this is for you. You will be setting your own fitness goal to complete at the end of the 2-week period.
  3. We will have weekly healthy eating goals, weekly Bible verses, and other neat stuff.
  4. We are a grace-filled group. This isn’t a boot camp where you will get yelled at when you make a slip-up. We are all about forgiveness and baby steps, because that is what actually works.
  5. Why not try it and see?

One small crack


Grace Upon Grace

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