Faithful Finish Lines Healthy Holiday Challenge 2018

Faithful Finish Lines Healthy Holiday Challenge 2018

You have a goal of losing weight and eating better. But in December, it seems almost impossible. Schedules are craaaazy. Christmas cookies are everywhere, not to mention holiday parties. You plan to stick to healthy habits because you really don't want to walk into a new year with extra pounds to lose on top of the ones you already have.

Most of all, you want to keep Christ at the center of your holiday. But it's tough to find peace on earth when you struggle to find peace on your calendar.

The solution is here: Faithful Finish Lines Healthy Holiday Challenge 2018.

Each day in December, make one small change like healthier food choices to keep calories down, a bit more physical activity so you are energized, and a daily Bible verse to grow your faith. 

These changes add up to big results. When the New Year comes, you will be way ahead of the game because you made healthy choices in December. Plus, still enjoy the holiday foods and activities you love.

Are you IN for a healthier holiday in 2018?

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