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Am I Teaching My Children the Foundations of Our Faith?

My daughter Rebekah is launching out into the world this year. At 19, she graduated from high school last spring and is starting a two year culinary internship to become a sous chef. As I see my children growing up, I ask myself as a parent, Am I Teaching My Children...

God is Pushing Me to Painful Places

God is Pushing Me to Painful Places During one of our initial foster care classes, we were given a checklist of problems that are typical for foster children. We were to check the ones we would be willing to handle if the agency called with a child needing care:...

A Day in the Life of a Rummage Sale-ist

A Day in the Life of Rummage Sale-ist This is a true story. Parental discretion advised. 7:23 AM - I'm so excited! I love rummage sales! All that hard work is going to pay off. We are going to have a hundred kajillion customers and everything will sell and all that...


Fa La La La La Humbug

by Jeff Marshall I gotta share with you that this week's blog was inevitable - a sign from God Himself. I had a couple topics I was considering, but everything just fell into place. A couple days ago, Sara shared on her Facebook status the fact that she received a...

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The Freedom of Constraint

  When The Nester challenged us to write every day for 31 days, she encouraged us to choose a narrow topic. It seems that the opposite would be true, but constrain challenges and grows creativity. Too much of anything overwhelms. Given too much, we do nothing. When we...

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Are there Good Foods and Bad Foods?

Are there Good Foods and Bad Foods?

When it comes to healthy eating and weight loss, are there good foods and bad foods? Are There Good Foods and Bad Foods? Should we feel more virtuous eating carrot sticks and more guilty eating ice cream? Or are all foods equal and anything is okay in moderation? Are...

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Welcome to The Holy Mess. I love helping women find balance in busy lives for faith, family, & fitness. Read more about my 100 pound weight loss story here. Mostly I’m a real wife and super real mom. Feel free to contact me by clicking here.

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