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For Parents of a Teen Who Had a Near Miss

For Parents of a Teen Who Had a Near Miss What is a near miss with a teen? A near miss is a situation with a teen when his or her life was in danger, whether inside or outside the teen's control. This could be a suicide attempt, a car accident, a drug overdose, a...

Sometimes Grief Comes From Unexpected Places

Sometimes Grief Comes From Unexpected Places Our fourth son came to us as our foster son when he was five months old, and we adopted him when he was two and a half. Before he came to us, our son was born 15 weeks premature (at 25 weeks), so he lived in the NICU for...

Straight Talk About How to Survive Heartbreaking Grief

  Straight Talk about How to Survive Heartbreaking Grief Heartbreaking grief is not the same thing as depression, but they often go together. Grief is the process you go through after loss of any type. Death of a loved one causes grief for sure, but a move, the loss...


Are You Balanced in the 4 Areas of Life?

Are You Balanced in the 4 Areas of Life?

  I *love* Sunday School teachers. I don't teach Sunday School. It would make perfect sense that I would. I have a degree in elementary education. I love kids and have plenty of experience with kids. Teaching Sunday School is not my calling, at least not at this...

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He Speaks at She Speaks

She Speaks 2014 5 countries 42 states 1 passion: speak the name of Jesus. Highlights: Saying yes to everyone will not make me wonder woman. It will make me a worn out woman. --Lysa TerKeurst When John Wesley was asked why such huge crowds came to here him preach, he...

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You Sparkle

You sparkle when you walk into the room. You are most beautiful when you are laughing. Weight, clothing size, perfect skin are not a factor in this. Confidence is beauty. You know your God-given talents. You have discovered what you want to do with your life and what...

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Trusting God When We Mess Up: Part 2

Trusting God When We Mess Up: Part 2

By Christine Drews. A couple of weeks ago, my pastor presented a message on running to God instead of away from him. God’s timing is impeccable. The next morning, after a very nice weekend, I goofed relationally, and it wasn’t small. It was a continuation of a...

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