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How to Shine Your Light in a Dark Place

Think about an incredibly frustrating situation you are dealing with in your life. Maybe it's a co-worker that just absolutely drives you bonkers A job that you love except the boss is making your life miserable. Is it a difficult relationship, like a situation with...

How to Stay Organized When You Have Kids in Different Schools

This year I have 5 children in FIVE DIFFERENT SCHOOLS. Yes, that is correct, 5 different schools. If your head is spinning a bit at this notion, I understand because mine is too. However, with kids spanning in age from 6 - 19 years old, we've had kids across several...

Understanding Kids with Trauma History

If you parent or work with kids today, especially kids with behavior needs of any type, there is important information about trauma that will dramatically impact the way you interact with children.** Even though I've been working with kids who experienced childhood...


Why Middle-Hard Days are the Toughest

Why Middle-Hard Days are the Toughest

The Types of Days Life has Good days and Great days. There are soft pudgy baby feet to love on and cookies fresh from the oven with chocolate melting on our tongues. Friday nights are made for movies with popcorn and blankets, and afternoons hold lower work piles and...

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Is Procrastination a Sin?

Is Procrastination a Sin?

Is Procrastination a Sin? Yes, absolutely. Our time and talents are gift from God and not to be wasted. God hardwired each of us with different personalities and some people work better under pressure. Let me get back to this after I've had coffee and cleared off my...

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Disturbing Trends and More to Complain About…

by Jeff Marshall I gotta tell you the truth, kids, it's getting increasingly more difficult to share my sense of humor with you when we keep losing these wonderful sources of humor. I just found out a couple hours ago about Joan Rivers passing away - between her and...

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