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Are Depression and Anxiety Part of Your Life?

Are Depression and Anxiety Part of Your Life? As much as I would love to present our family as picture-perfect, it's not like that for us. A few nights ago was a rare blood moon eclipse happening at 8:45 PM.  We decided to walk down to the neighborhood park to watch...

5 Steps to Calm Anxious Kids

5 Steps to Calm Anxious Kids I'm opening my heart a bit here and sharing in a way that's not easy. Several of my children have dealt with anxiety, stress and depression. We have dealt with, and are still dealing with, these emotional issues all the way from relatively...

Are Your Kids Stressed?

Are Your Kids Stressed? Kids Today Are Stressed Out at Record Levels. How Are Yours Doing? If you think your kids are doing okay, you might want to check again. This article from Psychology Today says that the average high school student today has the same level of...


When I Was a Youngster…

by Jeff Marshall With this blog, I officially become an old man. I have always given my dad a hard time about the many stories he shares about his childhood. How he had to walk 72 miles back and forth to school everyday – without shoes – through 4 feet of snow. How he...

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My Go-To Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

My Go-To Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are my "go to" cookies whenever I have a last minute invite somewhere or when I just want a quick sweets fix. The cookies were adapted from Savory Lotus's website.  They only have 6 ingredients and can be made in less than twenty minutes with prep time included...

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BY JEFF MARSHALL   This is going to be the most controversial blog I’ve written thus far. Heads are going to roll, jaws are going to drop, streetlights will dim, and lives will never be the same. But, you know what, sometimes in life you gotta make waves. I’ve never...

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Welcome to The Holy Mess. I love helping women find balance in busy lives for faith, family, & fitness. Read more about my 100 pound weight loss story here. Mostly I’m a real wife and super real mom. Feel free to contact me by clicking here.

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