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Art vs. the Artist

by Jeff Marshall I had every intention of continuing The Jeffy Awards this week. They will definitely be popping up in the future. There are lots and lots of potential categories floating around the recesses of the black chasm I call my brain. Instead, I have decided...

Mom Trumps Ninja

  Zack: "I'm a boy." Mom: "I'm a girl." Zack: "I'm a brother." Mom: "I'm a sister." Zack: "I'm a Ninja." Mom: "I'm a Mommy." Zack: "Ninja's have swords." Mom: "Mom's have eyes...and Love." Zack: "Oh, okay. You win, Mommy."


The Tears of a Clown

by Jeff Marshall The Tears of a Clown by Jeff Marshall “Such a bitter irony – to spend a lifetime making us laugh only to end up breaking our hearts!” Isn’t it fascinating how a man can impact our lives without even knowing our names, without having the ability to...

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Why to Stay Married — Even When It’s Hard

Why to Stay Married — Even When It’s Hard

The Young Bride Today is my 20th wedding anniversary. Twenty years ago today, at 6:00 am I was waking up to the bright, hot day I was the bride. I had not slept much the night before, but not from nervousness. I was way too excited. My mom and I kept meeting in the...

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Welcome to The Holy Mess. I love helping women find balance in busy lives for faith, family, & fitness. Read more about my 100 pound weight loss story here. Mostly I’m a real wife and super real mom. Feel free to contact me by clicking here.

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