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Illustrated Faith “This is Love” Devotional Kit

Tucked between the behemoths of Christmas and Easter comes a little holiday that I love. (No pun intended.)  I know, I know a lot of people begrudge this middle of the month holiday because of it's high stress possibilities. It gets reduced to being about the flowers,...

What is the Holy Spirit Doing in Your Life?

As Christians, we recognize the Triune God of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We understand God the Father as creator and loving Father. We see the work of Jesus the Son as he came to earth to be our Savior. The Holy Spirit is a bit harder for us...

God is Love 28 Day Bible Reading Plan

Do you know how much God loves you? God fully, completely loves you, and His love for you is not based on you earning his favor. When you realize how much God loves you with an extravagant, unconditional love it changes your entire focus in life. In turn, you are able...


Instant Pot Chicken Carnitas

Are you tired of the same 'ole, same 'ole with chicken? These easy and simple Instant Pot Chicken Carnitas are about to put a stop to that! If you are new to Instant Pot Cooking, be sure to check out our helpful series here: Instant Pot for Beginners and Beyond. The...

Banana Souffle Recipe WW Zero Point Dessert

This personal size Banana Souffle Recipe is a delicious breakfast or treat. Best of all, it's zero Weight Watchers Freestyle SmartPoints. Once you try it, you will be making our WW Zero Point Dessert Banana Souffle Recipe often. WW Zero Point Dessert Banana Souffle...

5 Helpful Strategies for Parenting a Child with RAD

If you are parenting a child with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), you know that typical parenting strategies are rarely effective. Instead, the challenge is for you to incorporate therapeutic parenting into your daily life. Therapeutic parenting is challenging at...


Instant Pot Sausage and Spinach Spaghetti Recipe

Many people are surprised to learn you can make delicious pasta in your Instant Pot. The Instant Pot makes foods quickly, so it's important you follow careful directions when making pressure cooker pasta, but the end result is delicious because the noodles absorb the...

Weight Watchers Coffee Hacks

Many people start the Weight Watchers program and are shocked to learn that their favorite coffee shop order or homemade afternoon pick-me-up beverage is 10, 15 or more Weight Watchers Smartpoints. Does this mean you need to give up your love of coffee delights? No,...

7 Christian Weight Loss Affirmations

Have you tried affirmations for weight loss success? If not, you should! This Weight Loss Affirmations PDF is a powerful tool to help you lose weight. When you have a lot of weight to lose it can seem hard. Finding diet food you like and starting an exercise habit can...

Behind the Scenes: Road Trip

Behind the Scenes: Road Trip

Come take a step behind the scenes with me while I share an eclectic mix of the more intimate details of what’s happening in our lives. If you enjoy a behind the scenes look, be sure to sign up for my email list below. My email readers are my VIPs and for them I share...

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Do You Need to Take a Personal Retreat?

Do You Need to Take a Personal Retreat?

Burn out. Have you ever experienced burn out? Burn out is total exhaustion but even more than that it's a lack of desire and motivation. When ignored burn out can lead to loss of creativity, physical illness, and even depression. I love what I do with a passion and...

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Bible Journaling with Tip-Ins

Bible Journaling with Tip-Ins

Recently I was discussing different Bible journaling styles with a fellow Bible journaler. I mentioned that tip-ins must be my thing because all my pages seem to have some type of tip-in. She asked me, "What's a tip-in?" I will tell you what I told her. If...

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