Tips For Living a Healthy Life With Faith


The Ten Commandments: Ten Truths That Give Life

The Ten Commandments are God's rules for how we are to live our lives. I know the Ten Commandments are important, but when I think of ways to draw closer to God, I have to admit studying these is not first on my list. I think of the ten commandments as the law -...

Bible Journaling Hacks: Supplies You Have at Home

New years often come with new habits. If Bible journaling is something you are adding this year, congratulations! Bible journaling is a fun and creative way to spend time in God's Word. But let's face it - Bible journaling materials can also be expensive. You don't...

The Difference Between Religion and the Gospel

Is there a difference between spirituality and religion? How about religion and the gospel? In the book Getting to Know Jesus, the author shares this quote from Pastor Mark Driscoll that explains what he sees as the difference between religion and the gospel: The...


50+ Fitness and Exercise Tips for Busy Moms

As a mom, my top priority is taking care of my family. Yet I know I am better able to care for them when I am also taking care of myself. Balancing hectic schedules with attempting to squeeze in exercise isn't easy. As a mom of 5 kids, I get it! Finding time for...

Air Fryer Baked Ravioli

Awhile back at one of my favorite restaurants, I was able to splurge on a wonderful appetizer of fried ravioli. Crispy coated and served with marinara dipping sauce, fried ravioli taste amazing, but are also high in fat and calories. When I got an air fryer, I was...

Trust Your Instincts

Being single is tough. Being single and 44 (well, 45 on March 7 - send me money) is often beyond tough. It feels like being a cast away on a deserted island with only Wilson the volleyball to appreciate your company. I knew a long time ago that I was most likely not...


Clean Eating for Weight Loss with Weight Watchers

While the Weight Watchers program has been around for many years and has gained in popularity recently, it's been argued that the Weight Watchers program is not a healthy diet because members eat processed foods.  Clean Eating for Weight Loss with Weight Watchers is...

Instant Pot Caponata Recipe

If you haven't heard of caponata, now is the time. I'm excited to introduce you to this lovely antipasti, our Instant Pot Caponata recipe. Full of eggplant, zucchini, and celery, caponata is as beautiful as it is delicious, and making it in the pressure cooker makes...

20 Encouraging Bible Verses for Weight Loss

For most of us, the weight loss journey is a long and difficult road. When you feel like giving up or need encouragement, turn to scripture like these 20 Encouraging Bible Verses for Weight Loss, for guidance. God cares about your health and weight. Relying on God's...

Bible Journaling for Loved Ones

Bible Journaling for Loved Ones

Have you ever considered designing Bible journaling pages, projects, or even whole Bibles for loved ones? Your words and designs create an incredibly meaningful, important gift that will be treasured for years to come. Keep reading for special ideas of how to...

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