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Getting to Know Jesus Online Bible Study

I want to know Jesus. For all my life, I've known about Jesus. Baptized as a baby, my parents took me to church every Sunday. I grew up knowing about Jesus from church, Sunday School, and Christian school. This foundational teaching is a blessing beyond measure. Yet...

Show Up at the Manger – A Christmas Devotion

Enjoy this Christmas devotion, Show Up at the Manger. My son Zack is special. He's special for all sorts of reasons, but one reason is because he has unbridled enthusiasm. He loves life and he loves it to the hilt. When Zack was very young he suffered a Traumatic...

3 Christmas Blessings for Your Children

Words are powerful. Did you know the Bible shows us the power of a parental blessing spoken upon our children? Blessings are meaningful any time of the year, but especially during the Christmas season when our hope is that our children focus on Jesus. Use these 3...


Crock Pot Chex Mix Recipe

To me, the holiday season just doesn't feel like Christmas without the crunchy, salty taste of Chex Mix to balance out all the sweetness from cookies and other holiday foods. Make Chex Mix even easier with this Crock Pot Chex Mix recipe. MyWW Green 13 points, MyWW...

24 No Fail Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

Do you use your Instant Pot pressure cooker to make dinner for your family? Check out these 24 No Fail Instant Pot Chicken Recipes to get dinner on the table fast and have everyone begging for more. One of the things I love most about using the Instant Pot for chicken...

22 of the Best Nativity Activities for Kids

During the Christmas season, it's easy to get caught up in presents, making cookies, and other activities. Use these 22 of the best nativity activities for kids to teach children that Jesus is the meaning of the holiday season. These fun activities are great for...


45 Healthy Ways to Use Plain Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a wonderful way to add protein to your diet. For those following the Weight Watchers program, plain, non fat Greek yogurt is now low points on MyWW Green and ZERO points on MyWW Blue and MyWW Purple, so we are extra motivated to find ways to enjoy it!...

50+ Fitness and Exercise Tips for Busy Moms

As a mom, my top priority is taking care of my family. Yet I know I am better able to care for them when I am also taking care of myself. Balancing hectic schedules with attempting to squeeze in exercise isn't easy. As a mom of 5 kids, I get it! Finding time for...

Free Printable Keto Friendly Food List

Are you considering starting a Keto eating program and are looking for a list of allowable foods? A ketogenic diet is one that A ketogenic, or keto, diet is a way of eating that includes a very low amount of carbohydrates (carbs), a moderate amount of protein, and...

Let’s Have a Bible Journaling Revival!

Let’s Have a Bible Journaling Revival!

Let's have a Bible journaling revival! If you are anything like me, one of your favorite things about Bible journaling in the fun, fresh way it allows you to dive into The Word. After years of daily Bible reading, Bible journaling allowed me to stop just reading and...

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Instant Pot Baked Cubed Steak Recipe

Instant Pot Baked Cubed Steak Recipe

Looking for an Instant Pot Baked Cubed Steak recipe? When it comes to favorite meats to cook in your Instant Pot pressure cooker, cube steak might not be the first dish that comes to mind. However, I encourage you to give this recipe a try because it's economical and...

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