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What Life is Like When Your Child Has Mental Health Issues

Dressed in a black suit and purple shirt and tie, my son looks adorable on the last day of the school year for his elementary school graduation. He didn't walk in and out with his class since we couldn't trust his behavior. My husband and I sat in the front row and he...

The Worst Father’s Day…but it Wasn’t

That Father's Day was the worst Father's Day...but then again it wasn't. Ten minutes of vacuuming. I'll always remember Father's Day that year blew up over a task that could have been completed in 10 minutes. But to think of just obeying and doing the chore requires...


Your Guide to Amazon Prime Original Programming

Last week I shared with you a guide to some of the many original films and series currently offered on Netflix. Today's I give you Your Guide to Amazon Original Programming, for those of you who are Amazon Prime subscribers. (If you are not yet an Amazon Prime...

Living with RAD: There Is Not Enough Love to Fix a Broken Soul

In an effort to educate and bring awareness to the struggle of attachment issues, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and helping children heal from early childhood trauma, over the next months I’ll be sharing stories of families on my website.  For the sake of privacy I’ve...

Your Guide to Netflix Original Programming

Perhaps you are just like me and become overwhelmed when clicking through Netflix and are bombarded by so many programs. It seems like the list grows daily. This Guide to Netflix Original Programming is for you! I chose a handful of programs to highlight in this...


My Hunger is a Monster

I wrote this entry in my journal while I was working through my recovery from my addiction to food, compulsive overeating, and binge eating. That time in therapy led to my weight loss of over 100 pounds. (Read the complete story of my 100 pound weight loss in my...

3 Quick-Checks for Taking Your Workouts Outdoors

Depending on where you live in the world, you may have spent these last months with many or all of your workouts indoors. I spend a lot of my time during the winter as a gym rat. My swimming, cardio, weight lifting, and Tae Kwon Do workouts are all indoors. As the...

When You Are a Person Who Gives Too Much

I was on our dream 10th anniversary vacation in Mexico, but I couldn't enjoy it. I was huddled in our hotel room, curled in a ball in bed with horrific stomach pains. My husband Mike and I had been out to dinner earlier that evening at a beautiful restaurant with a...

Kathy Griffin: Does Forgiveness Have Limits?

Kathy Griffin: Does Forgiveness Have Limits?

Comedienne Kathy Griffin has stirred the pot and gotten burned. Griffin, a comic noted for her no-holds-barred brand of comedy, participated in a photo shoot in which she held a bloody, decapitated head obviously meant to be President Donald Trump, and the results in...

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33 Relaxing Adult Coloring Books

33 Relaxing Adult Coloring Books

As coloring and Bible Journaling have become so popular in recent years, I set out to discover the best coloring book options. I found these 33 relaxing adult coloring books to offer readers of The Holy Mess. Please know I spent a great deal of time researching the...

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Which Journaling Bible is Best for You?

Which Journaling Bible is Best for You?

Are you considering purchasing a Journaling Bible but you aren't sure which option is right for you? Today's post will walk you through which Journaling Bible is best for you. In this post, you will learn how to find a journaling Bible that is right for you. With the...

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