Tips For Living a Healthy Life With Faith


A Prayer for Healthy Diet Choices

You know you need to eat better and exercise, but how do you make yourself keep doing it day after day? Maybe you do really well for a day or two but your motivation runs out. Use God's guidance and power to accomplish your weight loss goals with this prayer for...

A Prayer for a Weight Loss Miracle

Are you ready to ask God for a weight loss miracle to happen in your life? When I was 100 pounds heavier and had tried so many diets to lose weight, I thought only some type of crazy miracle would make weight loss happen for me. Now that I've lost the weight and have...

A Prayer for Weight Loss

Pray this prayer for weight loss with me and turn your food choices, body, and health over to God for ultimate power, strength, and healing. Perhaps you want to turn to God for help when it comes to food but you aren't exactly sure how to go about it. Maybe you've...


Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals

What can you expect for Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals? When will Prime day be and what will be the best sales? Read on for our predictions for Amazon Prime Day 2019 and what you should watch for. Amazon Prime Day 2019 is July 15 and 16 with sales starting at midnight on...

Instant Pot Dump Dinner Freezer Cooking – Free Menu

Wouldn't it be awesome to come home from a busy day with dinner already planned and ready to go on the table in just minutes? That can be your reality with this Instant Pot Dump Dinners Freezer Cooking Free Menu created especially for The Holy Mess by Once a Month...

10 Encouraging Bible Verses for Special Needs Moms

Special needs moms - here are 10 encouraging Bible verses to offer you hope, encouragement, and peace. I drew a shaky breath as I hung up the phone. Are you a special needs mom? Allow these verses to encourage you. The school principal had called. Again. These calls...


30 Day Healthy Weight Loss Habits Tracker – Free Printable

Do you want to lose weight but you are overwhelmed with how to begin? Maybe you've lost weight before only to gain it back and you are afraid that will happen again. Use our free printable 30 day Healthy Weight Loss Habits Tracker to move you in the right direction....

Printable Weekly Exercise Log

Improve your health and motivation for fitness with this free printable weekly exercise log. Do you want to measure how well you are doing with your physical activity? Use this tracker to keep tabs on your progress and move toward your healthy living or weight loss...

7 Steps I Took to Break a 15+ Year Weight Loss Plateau

Are you wondering how to break a weight loss plateau? If you have lost some weight and gotten stuck, I understand the frustration! While it's not easy, breaking a plateau is totally possible. After 15 years of maintaining most of a 100 pound weight loss, last year I...

How to Stop Weekend Overeating and Binging

How to Stop Weekend Overeating and Binging

Are you trying to lose weight and wondering how to stop weekend overeating and binging? For many years during my 100 pound weight loss journey, I was stuck in the habit of following my food plan all week, only to outdo all my hard work when the weekend rolled around....

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30 Day Bible Reading Plan of Bible Verses About Parenting

30 Day Bible Reading Plan of Bible Verses About Parenting

Use God's Word to guide you as you raise your children with these Bible verses about parenting. Are you a parent who longs to honor God with by raising Godly children? Are there days when you simply feel overwhelmed by the task at hand? One of the most important ways...

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Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs are not difficult to make and peel like a dream. IP eggs are the perfect-sized snack to grab for a healthy, filling protein option. Pack boiled eggs in lunches or use as an on-the-go breakfast. Add eggs to a salad for lunch or dinner. No...

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7 Ways to Change Your Mindset for Weight Loss

7 Ways to Change Your Mindset for Weight Loss

How important is your mindset for weight loss? I think most of us will agree that the right type of thinking is critical to losing weight and keeping it off. Most of us know how to lose weight, but getting ourselves into the space where we will actually do it is...

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