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Does weight loss feel completely overwhelming to you?

Have you tried again and again, yet can’t maintain success?

Are you about to give up?

I’ve been there.

I had gotten to the point that I was about ready to give up on ever losing weight at all, yet I was so sick and miserable, so I knew I had to do something. I tried one more time, and through therapy, prayer, and using Weight Watchers online program, I discovered the keys to making weight loss last for you.

You can, too! I promise you can. It felt impossible to me for YEARS, but it really is possible.

before picture, 100 pound weight loss


After Picture (100 lb weight loss)


I have lost over 100 pounds and maintained that success for 10+ years. I’m a wife to Mike, pastor’s wife, mom of 5 kids including 2 with special needs, and was a foster mom to over 35 children. I’m now an athlete, motivational speaker and writer. I know how to balance a busy life with weight loss.

It’s not an easy road but it can be done. I did it and so can you!

When I first started my weight loss journey, I was looking for practical HELP with a capital “H” to walk me step by step through this huge life change. I spent hours delving into books at the library, resources online, and reading others’ success stories. Now I’m ready to share with you what I have learned.

This 25 page instant PDF download is instantly accessible.

The book includes:

  • 4 Apps I use
  • 5 Food Favorite Suggestions
  • 8 of my Favorite Recipes
  • 10 Exercise ideas and exercise motivation strategies
  • 13 Books I read along my weight loss and fitness journey, with links
  • 15 Links to websites and blogs I use on a regular basis
  • 25+ Motivational Sayings, Ideas, and Helps I used to lose 100 pounds and currently use to maintain my weight loss
  • 20 other cool surprise tips and tricks.

Instantly download your copy now!

The 101 Tips & Helps You Need Today to Reach Your Fitness Goals

The 101 Tips & helps You Need Today to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

PDF, 25 pages. Immediate download.


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The 101 Tips & helps You Need Today to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

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