Not everyone can say their marriage started with a $50 bet against it.

I can.

When my husband and I started dating, I was a high school senior.

Within the first couple weeks, I knew that my husband was the one.

This was the guy I was meant to marry.

I shared this information with my brother who shook his head and laughed in that knowing way a man sometimes has that means, “Silly girl, your head is in the clouds.”

My brother is forever logical. He told me,

“Sara, there is no way you can know this is the right guy for you. You’ve hardly dated anyone. Plus, you barely know this guy.”

But I knew this man was the one, and I told my brother so in that brutally honest way that only siblings can get away with talking to each other.

My brother, flabbergasted, said,

“I’ll bet you 50 bucks you don’t marry this guy.”

We shook on it, each certain the other would have to give a pay-out.

Later, when Mike met with my parents to ask for permission to marry me, my parents were thrilled. By that time they loved Mike as their own son. I learned that my brother was in the room for this exchange also. My mom turned to him to ask, “Daniel, do you have anything to add?”

My brother’s response, “Well, there goes my $50.”

At the wedding reception, my brother surprised us all by handing me a crisp $50 bill.

wedding bet

A sweet payout on a beautiful day.


just married

I don’t remember what I did with the $50, but 20 years later the marriage is still going strong.

sara mike

That $50 bet was the best bet I’ve ever made.


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