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3 Day Diet Challenge January 2021

The Holy Mess 3 Day Diet Challenge – January 2021

Are you ready to lose weight & feel better in just 3 days?

Weight loss in such a short amount of time might seem too good to be true, but it’s not.

Here’s what one happy user of the 3 day diet had to say:

Eat delicious meals & feel great with true results!
-Anita M., 66 years old, lost 3 pounds
Weight loss is always easier and more fun with friends, so we are excited to offer this opportunity to go through the challenge together with a group.

Important Dates for the January 2021 – 3 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Mark these dates on your calendar.

January 2 – Grocery shopping day

January 3 – Meal prep day

January 4 – Day 1

January 5 – Day 2

January 6 – Day 3

January 7 – Weigh in and share your results!


3 Day Diet Resources

FREE Printable Meal Plan and Grocery List – We give you a list of every meal and snack to eat for this 3 day challenge. Once you sign up here, an email comes to your inbox with the printable.

If you didn’t receive it, email us here: [email protected]

3 Day Diet Plan on Table with Coffee

FREE Facebook group for the 3 Day Challenge January 4-6, 2021 – Get the support of other people going through the challenge at the same time as you in this Facebook group.

Click here to join the Challenge Facebook group.

I’ll be active in the group posting tips, hints, and more each day.

– Includes a cookbook, weight tracker, food log, meal prep guide, tips & FAQ sheets, food swaps list, and a bonus Back on Track guide. (While not required, it’s just a few dollars and makes following the plan so much easier.)

3 Day Diet Complete Weight Loss System

While not required, the Complete Weight Loss system is worth the investment. People love the printable cookbook!

The 3 Day Diet Challenge

As someone who is maintaining a 100 pound weight loss, I know that there’s no such thing as a quick fix to shed pounds.

Still, we all need a kick start from time to time, and this 3 day diet will give it to you.

The 3 day diet is perfect for you if…

  • you’ve fallen off the healthy eating wagon.
  • you need to break a plateau.
  • you want your clothes to fit better.
  • you want a done-for-you plan so you don’t have to stress about food.
  • you want to feel more confident.

We led a group of 130 women (most over the age of 50) through using this diet and their results were simply incredible.

Most women lost at least 2 pounds, some 5 or 6 pounds and a few women lost up to 10 pounds in just 3 short days!

You can do it, too.

Plus, the plan uses all real, whole foods you can pick up at any grocery store. And it’s delicious. 🥗🍲🍍

You can do this! The 3 Day Diet plan works.

I believe in you.

Questions? Email [email protected]

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