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You are rock stars, moms!

There are days I love being a mom so much. I bawl at every sappy commercial. I hug my kids and hum happy tunes while I fold laundry. Sure, life isn’t perfect. There are legos strewn about and a never-ending to-do list, but I’m content.

Other days are totally different. The sink overflows, the kids fight non-stop, one gets in trouble at school — again, and I wonder what on earth I was thinking having children. Who are these little creatures who live in my house? I’m sure my children wonder who this raging adult woman is who screeches at them. What happened to happy, humming mom?

Parenting is tough, amazing, exhausting, and incredible. Fewer tasks in life are as challenging — or rewarding — as the job of raising your child well.

Teaming together with other parents for advice, tips, and support is vital to successfully manage the role of mom. That’s why you’ll love the series we’ve put together for you in this post: The Year’s Best Parenting Tips.

Thank you to Jenny from The Jenny Evolution for hosting this round up of helpful parenting resources. Listed below are the top parenting posts from my website. If you go to Jenny’s site, you’ll find a list of the top posts of the year from many wonderful high-quality blogs.

Chosen by you, dear readers, here are This Year’s Best Parenting Tips, according to what was most read on The Holy Mess website in the parenting and family category in 2015.

This Year’s Best Parenting Tips

5. When Your Daughter Wants to Dye Her Hair Blue

When Your Daughter Wants to Dye Her Hair Blue

4. 3 Parenting Strategies to Bring Peace to Your Home Within Days

3 Parenting Strategies

3. How to Make Your Kids (and Husband) Feel Like Rock Stars

rock stars

2. What I Told My Daughters About 50 Shades of Gray

1. For All the Parents Whose Kids Won’t Get an Award

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The Best Parenting Tips of the Year|The Holy Mess