WW Success Toolkit

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Lose weight once and for all with the Weight Watchers program. Get the tools you need for success, bundled into one convenient and helpful package. 

For MyWW Green, Blue, & Purple Plans

If only someone would just tell me what to eat!

Have you every uttered those words when it comes to weight loss with the WW program? I sure have.

Why does weight loss have to be so complicated?

If you’ve felt overwhelmed by points, tracking, zero point foods, fit points, and all the steps that go into success with Weight Watchers, you aren’t alone.

Meanwhile, you may be surrounded by friends and family who seemingly eat whatever they want and are naturally thin. Does it seem unfair?

Or maybe you’ve been a WW member for awhile. You’ve lost a few pounds. But now it seems like the scale won’t budge. You’ve bounced around the same few pounds for weeks.

You might even be wondering if WW is the right program for you. After all, why pay to NOT lose weight?

If you want to lose weight with WW but find weight loss frustrating, I promise it doesn’t have to be that way.

Hi! I’m Sara. For most of my life I struggled with my weight. From the time I was a little girl I was heavier than my classmates, and as I became an adult the pounds continued to pile on. I wondered if I was fated to stay overweight and miserable forever.

By the time I hit my 30s, the pounds had become a major problem. I had a great life, but I couldn’t get control of my weight. When I was over 250 pounds and even the biggest clothes in the stores were too tight, I knew I had to make a change.

I lost over 100 pounds and I’ve been maintaining my weight loss for over a decade.

Weight loss really is possible and let me tell you – it feels fantastic!

Imagine yourself at your Weight Watchers goal weight.

Picture it…

  • Wearing the clothes you love – not just the ones you choose because it’s black or it’s the only thing in your size.
  • Easily knowing the best foods to choose to lose weight quickly yet not be hungry.
  • More confident than you’ve ever been in your life.

Weight Watchers is one of the best systems around to help you lose weight safely while enjoying all the foods you love.

I’m a Weight Watchers member just like you.

I used WW to lose weight and I’m using WW to maintain at Lifetime. If there’s a WW recipe, strategy, or hack, I’ve tried it!

I’ve also made a ton of mistakes along the way, which I tell you all about so you can avoid making the same ones. Fast track your weight loss by avoiding the pitfalls I stepped into.

Think of me as your in-the-trenches guide for how to make WW work in your busy life.

Weight Watchers Success Toolkit Happy Users…

Everything You Need for Weight Loss…in One Handy Location

With the Weight Watchers Success Toolkit, I do the hard work for you and take the challenge out of following the Weight Watchers program.

From complete meal plans (all with delicious, low-point foods you’ll love) to our handy cheat sheets like 25+ low point breakfast ideas or 35+ ways to use plain Greek yogurt, you’ll never be overwhelmed with the weight loss process again.

Click the Tabs Below to See What’s Included in the Toolkit…

When you first started WW, did it shock your system to discover some of your favorite meals were 20+ points for one meal? It happened to me.

With our WW Meal Plans, you’ll have a reference point so you know exactly what to eat and never run out of yummy low point options. Follow our plans exactly or use them as a general guide to get you to your goal.

Our WW meal plans show you what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple plans. The points are low and the satisfaction is high.

  • WW 7 Day Basic Meal Plan
  • WW 7 Day Real Food Meal Plan
  • WW 3 Day Zero Point Meal Plan
  • WW 7 Day Instant Pot Meal Plan

Who loves zero point foods? *raising hand*

Our new Zero Point Cookbook includes 12 delicious recipes that are all zero points on MyWW Blue and Purple, and low points on MyWW Green. Included are breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and even dessert ideas for recipes you don’t have to count.

With this Zero Point Cookbook, there’s never a need to be hungry.

Our handy cheat sheets guide you through some of life’s challenging situations. Maybe you are struggling to find breakfast ideas. Are parties and get-togethers with friends derailing you? Your stress is over because we’ve got a guide to help.

You’ll get…

  • 25+ WW Breakfast Ideas Guide Sheet
  • 35+ Ways to Use Plain, Non-Fat Greek Yogurt Guide Sheet
  • Halloween Candy Cheat Sheet
  • Complete Holiday Guide (Includes recipes, meal plans and more)

On Point! Your Guide to Weight Watchers Success is like having your best girlfriend as your WW buddy. In this 80+ page digital book I share with you the tips, strategies, and methods I used to lose 100 pounds with Weight Watchers and keep it off.

You’ll learn…

  • How to have successful weigh-ins.
  • How to eat out and still lose weight.
  • How to grocery shop for WW.
  • What to buy and what not to buy for WW success.
  • And much more.

I LOVE the WW app and use it every single day, but sometimes it’s helpful to see your plans on paper. We’ve provided printable trackers to make it extra easy for you to plan ahead and see your weight loss progress.

  • Printable Weight Tracker
  • Printable Daily/Weekly Points Tracker
  • Printable Shopping List and Meal Plan

Plus…as an added bonus receive these printable affirmation note cards at no additional cost!

WW Weight Loss Success Affirmation Note Cards

Because I am completely committed to your success, I’m including these bonus printable WW Weight Loss Affirmation note cards.

Many of us who are overweight have negative thoughts that run through our heads continually. If you aren’t careful, these negative ideas will shape your reality.

Change the negatives into positive when you visualize your success with these affirmation note cards.

Believe weight loss is possible and it will be.

Download your WW Success Toolkit now. Isn’t your health worth it?

WW Success Toolkit

{14 Product Bundle}


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For MyWW Green, Blue, & Purple plans.

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This product is an enhancement to the WW system and not a replacement. We assumes that you have or had a Weight Watchers membership. This product does not teach the WW method, provide daily points recommendations, or list the points of all foods.

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Meet the Author

Sara Borgstede is a writer, speaker, mom of 5 amazing kids through birth and special needs adoption, 100 pound weight loss success story, and pastor’s wife. When she’s not napping, she’s busy writing at www.theholymess.com.