Weight Watchers-Inspired Zero Point Cookbook – 12 Delicious Recipes





Are you a Weight Watchers member who loves delicious food but wants zero point options? This recipe book is for you.

  • Image yourself eating delicious, filling foods that taste amazing.
  • Find plenty of zero point breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options so you can save your points for what you most want.
  • Never go hungry.
  • See results at the scale while eating foods you love.

Did you know that you can use the WW 200 zero point foods to create delicious zero point recipes?

WW has given its members an incredibly gift with the 200 zero point foods list. Use these foods to make delicious soups, dinners, breakfasts, and even desserts. As a WW member, you never have to go hungry!

Zero point foods are always an option. (Just remember to eat only until satisfied for the best weight loss results.)

In WW Zero Point Cookbook, you get…

  • 12 delicious, filling Zero Point recipes like Turkey Chili, Salsa Chicken, Vegetable Soup, Ranch Vegetable Dip and even Chocolate Banana Pudding. Enjoy these delicious foods while you lose weight.
  • The 200 Zero Points Foods List. All the foods you get to eat to satisfication without counting.
  • A 3 Day Zero Point Meal Plan. Need a kick-start? We’ve created a 3 day meal plan of all zero point foods.
  • Strategies to use Zero Point Foods for maximum weight loss. Find out how to get to your goal as quickly as possible while enjoying foods you love.

As someone who is maintaining a 100 pound weight loss using Weight Watchers/WW Freestyle system, I know you can enjoy these zero point foods while getting to your goal.

I’ve been maintaining my 100 pound weight loss for years and I eat these foods every day. This book will help you lose weight and feel full and satisfied during your weight loss journey.



*This book is not endorsed by WW International.


Weight Watchers-Inspired Zero Point Cookbook – 12 Delicious Zero Point Recipes


Note: This is a PDF file for you to download instantly and print at home. You will not receive a book in the mail.




Meet the Author

Sara Borgstede is a writer, speaker, mom of 5 amazing kids through birth and special needs adoption, 100 pound weight loss success story, and pastor’s wife. When she’s not napping, she’s busy writing at www.theholymess.com.