Life Rewards the Do-ers.

Are you a do-er?

Do you step out of your comfort zone to take a risk, or are you someone who sits back waiting for just the right time and opportunity before you take a chance?

Life rewards the do-ers.

To do. To be. To try. To live as your full, truest self.

These are scary. Fear of failure looms large. The risk of looking like a fool, dreaming the big dream, risking security to step forward into the unknown — this is scary stuff.

Decisions are not forever, and life is not a pass/fail test. Try a new step. If it works out, great!

If it doesn’t work, oh well. Try something else. If you stumble, it will not break you. You are strong enough to take it. You will learn from the stumble. Then you can get back up, brush off, and take what you learned to try something else.

If You Stumble, it will not break you.|Life rewards the do-ers|The Holy Mess

May you live up to your full potential as God created you to be. One of my favorite quotes is this:

After all, I think Jesus would rather rein in a wild stallion than kick a dead mule any day of the week.

-Lysa TerKeurst

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Step forward in faith. Life rewards the do-ers.

Life Rewards the Do-ers