The Holy Mess

Finding Balance for Faith, Family & Fitness

Do you ever feel like holy mess is an accurate description of your life?

I do.Sara Borgstede

Life is chaotic. Life is messy and crazy-difficult.

Life is achingly beautiful.

I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way.

God meets you in the middle of your messes, bringing peace and refreshment when you slow down and experience His presence.

What Does “The Holy Mess” Mean? {Video}

Sara Has Been Seen On…

Finding Balance for Faith, Family & Fitness.

Women are the heart of our home, wouldn’t you agree?

Sara Borgstede Before after 100 pound weight loss

Before and After 100+ pound weight loss.

When you are doing well, your family does well. When you freak out, your family freaks out.

We’ve all been there.

I love helping women find balance, reduce stress, and improve their health.

Balance begins right in the center of the Holy Mess — with you and your relationship with God.

Please join the adventure. Are you compassionate, faithful, and somewhat messy? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Out of Balance

Ten years ago, my life was completely out of balance. I was 100 lbs overweight, giving to everyone, and running myself and my health into the ground. I hit rock bottom physically and emotionally. I started on the journey of losing the weight for good.

Before and After I Lost 100 Pounds


Finding Me

Despite completing 5Ks, ½ marathons, over 50 triathlons of various lengths, century (100 mile) bike rides, and one very long, very hot but amazing 70.3 ½ Ironman, I’m not competitive or especially athletic.

Face to Face Before and After 110 pound weight loss - Borgstede

Face to Face comparison of my 100+ pound weight loss. Many people say I look younger now that I’ve lost weight. I’m actually 15 years older in the photo on the right!

I’m a real person doing some pretty amazing things with God’s help.

2013-09-09_18-34-52We live in Tonawanda, New York with our completely cool, keep-us-on-our-toes 5 kids: Rebekah, Kiersten, Josiah, Paul, and Zack, and our weird cats who eat potato chips.

family Photo

Our Family

We were foster parents for 6 years to 35 foster children, mostly medically fragile babies. I’m a mom — birth, adoptive, special needs. Mike and I estimate we’ve changed approximately 10,000+ diapers over the last 18 years.

Yeah…that’s a lot of baby poop.

I have lots of experience caring for children with special needs, and I share it on my blog on a regular basis.

Even though I don’t quilt, cook dinners for 500, or play the organ, they still let me be the pastor’s wife at the church where my husband is the pastor. We love our church community.Meet the Writer - Sara at The Holy Mess

So, what does all this mean for you?

  • I am a real person.  I’ve lost weight but I’m not a health and fitness guru. I’m not skinny (but if you want to tell me I look good, we can be new best friends). I am healthy and I can walk/run or bike for a really long time. Or talk. I’m especially good at talking. I love hot tea, rock climbing dates with my husband, playing Boggle with my kids, and peanut butter cups.
  • I get it. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes life is awesome. For years my life was incredibly out of balance and I said “yes” to too much and “no” to myself way too often. Your life has its own type of mess. It might look different from mine, but we all have our hodge podge.
  • I would love to talk to you! Comment on a blog post or join me on Facebook |Instagram|Pinterest. I love people and I look forward to meeting you!family Photo

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