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What Are the Books of the Bible? {Free Books of the Bible Printable}

The Bible is a collection of books put together into one volume that is the inspired Word of God. What are the books of the Bible? Here is a complete list along with a free books of the Bible printable. How Many Books are in the Bible? The Bible contains 66 books in...

30 Day Bible Reading Plan for Wisdom and Knowledge

Are you wanting to grow in wisdom? Are you curious about what Bible verses about wisdom you should be reading? Summer is over and the kids are back to school. We value their education and support their learning. How about for yourself? Do you desire to grow in your...

Be Still and Know Free Scripture Art Printable

One of the best ways to grow in faith and hide God's word in your heart is to surround yourself with Bible verses. Use this Be Still and Know free Scripture Art printable to keep God's word as the center of your life. Download this free Bible verse art. Be Still and...


The Holy Mess Printable Christmas Planner

Do you want your upcoming Christmas season to be full of great memories, meaningful gift-giving, and fun family activities? Use The Holy Mess Printable Christmas Planner to stay organized and on top of it all this holiday season.   How many times have you rushed...

Free Printable Nativity Activity Book for Kids

Here's a free Printable Nativity Activity Book for Kids to be sure your children understand that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season. The holidays are a busy time and it's easy to get caught up in the presents, tree, gifts, and activities. More than anything...

Why It’s Not Your Job to Fix Your Husband

Wives: Did you know it's not your job to fix your husband? How do you feel when you hear that question? Does it fill you with a tremendous sense of relief? (It should.) Or, does this thought give you a fluttery feeling of anxiety in the pit of your stomach? You might...


5 Reasons You Self-Sabotage Your Weight Loss…and How to Stop

Do you self-sabotage your weight loss efforts? You are doing great with following your food plan...until suddenly you find yourself at the drive-through ordering the burger, fries, large coke and why not, I'll take a cherry pie too. You have the best of plans for your...

10 WW Recipes Using Ingredients Found In Your Pantry

Are you in a situation where fresh food isn't available and you need to come up with dinner quickly? These 10 WW Recipes Using Ingredients Found In Your Pantry will be a life saver when you must cook meals with only ingredients found in your pantry. While we know that...

7 Christian Weight Loss Affirmations

Have you tried affirmations for weight loss success? These Christian Weight Loss Affirmations are a powerful tool to help you lose weight, and we include a free printable PDF for you use download and use immediately. When you have a lot of weight to lose it can seem...

30 Things to Declutter Today Printable

30 Things to Declutter Today Printable

Are you looking for a list of things to declutter while stuck at home or just in the mood to throw things out? Clearing out the clutter feels amazing, doesn't it? Research shows that this is true. Decluttering leads to feeling more energetic and reduces frustration...

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How to Make Self-Rising Flour

How to Make Self-Rising Flour

If you don't have self-rising flour on hand for a recipe, here's how to make self-rising flour. You probably have the ingredients on hand and can make your own batch of self-rising flour in just a couple minutes. What is Self-Rising Flour? Self-rising flour is flour...

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Family Conversation Starter Cards – Free Printable

Family Conversation Starter Cards – Free Printable

Family Conversation Starter Cards are a great tool to engage in meaningful conversation as a family. Lately we've all be spending more time together at home and as parents we want to make it meaningful. When the family starts to grow quiet around the dinner table, use...

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