Tips For Living a Healthy Life With Faith


31 Days of Hope During Pain Bible Reading Plan

Are you in the middle of a painful life situation? Perhaps you or someone you love live with chronic pain. Where do you turn for comfort? Use this 31 Days of Hope During Pain Bible Reading plan to learn of God's unending love and grace for you during your difficult...

5 Steps to Dig Deep into One Bible Verse

It's been said that the Bible is unlike any other book in the world because it has wisdom simple enough for a child to understand, yet enough depth that even the wisest of people can study the Bible for a lifetime yet not even scratch the surface of all there is to...

The Flourish Bible Journaling Conference

What is The Flourish Bible Journaling Conference? The Flourish Bible Journaling Conference is a gathering place for women who desire to passionately pursue God and His Word through their creative gifting. The Flourish Bible Journaling Conference is where faith +...


Bunny Bait White Chocolate Snack Mix with Free Printable Gift Tags

Easter is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking of fun activities to do with the kids. This Bunny Bait While Chocolate Snack Mix is an easy, delicious recipe. Make Bunny Bait as a fun activity time with your kids or give away bags for class parties,...

Instant Pot Goulash Recipe

If you love Italian food, you're going to love this Instant Pot Goulash. Comfort food at its finest, goulash is a traditional Hungarian dish of meat and vegetables, traditionally flavored with Paprika. This Instant Pot version has Italian flavors and comes together...

7 Family-Friendly Easter Movies and Specials

Believe it or not, there are actually more movies and specials to watch on Easter than THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and IT'S THE EASTER BEAGLE, CHARLIE BROWN. While not as populous as Christmas movies and specials, there are still many choices for this holiday as well. I...


Free Printable Keto for Weight Loss Workbook

Are you considering starting the Keto for weight loss diet but you aren't sure where to begin? Use this Keto for Beginners: A Workbook for Weight Loss Success to guide you in starting a ketogenic lifestyle. This free printable Keto for weight loss workbook will guide...

I Tried Keto for Weight Loss and This is What Happened

The Keto for weight loss diet has become an incredibly popular eating plan in recent months. A Ketogenic diet puts you into a state of ketosis which allows you to use your body fat for energy. This spring, I tried Keto for weight loss for 2 months and this is what...

7 Apps That Pay You to Lose Weight in 2019

Weight loss can be expensive. Between weight loss programs, gym memberships, healthy foods, workout clothes, and race entry fees, the costs add up. Wouldn't it be amazing to get paid for all this effort? Check out these 7 apps that pay you to lose weight in 2019....

St. Patrick’s Day Free Printables

St. Patrick’s Day Free Printables

Saint Patrick's Day is a celebration of Irish culture that takes place on March 17. Use these beautiful St. Patrick's Day free printables to capture the joy of St. Patrick's Day in your home. Why Celebrate St. Patrick's Day? St. Patrick's day is especially meaningful...

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7 Ways to Bring More Romance Into Your Marriage

7 Ways to Bring More Romance Into Your Marriage

If you have been married for a while, then you know that at times it can feel like the romance is drained from your relationship. Day to day tasks and routines pull you away from spending time with your spouse. With these 7 ways to bring more romance into your...

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30 Day Attributes of God Bible Reading Plan

30 Day Attributes of God Bible Reading Plan

Do you ever wonder about what God is like? Join me in studying the attributes of God. When you learn God's attributes, you come to understand who God is, what he is like, and his nature. This 30 Day Attitudes of God Bible reading plan will take you on a month-long...

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