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How Do I Pray? – Learning How to Pray for Beginners

Recently, a reader wrote and asked me a thought-provoking question when she said, "How do I actually pray? I understand prayer is talked to God but I don't get how I'm actually supposed to do it." Her question prompted me to think about learning to pray for beginners....

30 Day Bible Reading Plan to Calm Anxiety

Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, or panic? Use this 30 Day Bible Reading Plan to Calm Anxiety you experience in your life. Calm your anxiety with this daily Bible reading plan. Do You Struggle with Anxiety? All of us struggle with anxiety and stress. For every...

30 Day Attributes of God Bible Reading Plan

Do you ever wonder about what God is like? Join me in studying the attributes of God. When you learn God's attributes, you come to understand who God is, what he is like, and his nature. This 30 Day Attitudes of God Bible reading plan will take you on a month-long...


FREEFORM 25 Days of Christmas Programming Schedule 2018

Below you will find FREEFORM's 25 Days of Christmas Programming schedule. Take a break from all the Hallmark movies (a schedule for which you can find here) and enjoy some of these family friendly films and specials sure to brighten your holiday season. Check your...

The Holy Mess Printable Christmas Planner

Do you want your upcoming Christmas season to be full of great memories, meaningful gift-giving, and fun family activities? Use The Holy Mess Printable Christmas Planner to stay organized and on top of it all this holiday season.   How many times have you rushed...

Printable Nativity Activity Book for Kids

Christmas is a busy season. It's easy to get caught up in the presents, tree, gifts, and activities. More than anything else, I want my children to understand the real reason for the celebration of Christmas, which is Jesus who came into this world as a baby to be our...


How to Deal with Food Pushers and Food Police During Weight Loss

You've changed your eating habits for the better. You're losing weight. As your new habits become obvious, suddenly everyone seems to have an opinion about what you're eating and what they think you should eat instead. Here's how to deal with food pushers and food...

Salad on a Stick – Easy Healthy Lunch Recipe

Put a new twist on a classic with this salad recipe. Serve Salad on a Stick for a tasty, fun lunch kids and adults will love. How Do You Create an Amazing Salad? Are you wondering how to create a restaurant-worthy salad that will look incredible and taste amazing?...

Weight Watchers Thai Chicken Sheet Pan Recipe

Have you tried sheet plan meals? This Weight Watchers Thai Chicken sheet pan recipe is sure to be a new favorite. Packed with flavor and filling protein, this dinner will satisfy. Weight Watchers Thai Chicken Sheet Pan Recipe If you haven't tasted Thai food before, I...

Weight Watchers Apple Crisp Recipe

Weight Watchers Apple Crisp Recipe

Are you looking for a delicious WW dessert that won't set you back on points? This Weight Watchers Low Point Apple Crisp Recipe has only 4 Points Plus per serving. This apple crisp is easy to make for a delicious and healthy family desert. Weight Watchers Dessert...

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Should I Count Calories to Lose Weight?

Should I Count Calories to Lose Weight?

You want to lose weight. One of the big questions you might ask yourself is, "Should I count calories to lose weight?" Let's explore the reasons behind that question and find the solution that's right for you. Why You Are Overweight If you are overweight, it is...

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30 Day Fruits of the Spirit Bible Reading Plan

30 Day Fruits of the Spirit Bible Reading Plan

Do you want more peace and patience in your life? How about love, joy, and faithfulness? These are fruits of the Spirit as described in the Bible. This month, use this 30 day Fruits of the Spirit Bible reading plan to grow fruits of your faith. What are the Fruits of...

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