Have you ever had a love/hate relationship? That person who inspires you, but makes you feel inferior all at the same time? I have that relationship with Pinterest. I love all the amazing pages I see, but sometimes it makes me feel my Bible journaling pages are inadequate. I know a lot of women struggle with a bumpy Pinterest relationship. Don’t let Pinterest ruin your Bible journaling.

Read on to see what type of “Pinterest Bible journaling personality” fits you and find suggestions to overcome the Pinterest trap.

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Here are some common Pinterest Bible Journaling personality types and ways to find victory.

Pinterest Bible Journaling Personality: The Over Planner

I am sure most of us have gotten lost on Pinterest at same point. You sit down to find a Dr. Suess themed snack for your kindergartener’s class and two hours later you have discovered 10 ways to re-organize your garage with pallets. The Pinterest Over Planner has lots of boards full of pins and a nearly blank journaling Bible. If you are an over planner, fret not. There are many time management strategies to get your ideas off the computer and onto the page.

Solutions for The Over Planner

  1. The timer is your friend.
  2. The alarm makes it all work.
  3. Separation makes the heart grow fonder.

The timer is your friend.

We are all within an arms reach of a phone and on that phone is a timer. Use a timer to help control the amount of time spent planning for Bible journaling.

The alarm makes it all work.

While you are figuring out your timer set an alarm for Bible journaling, look at your schedule and find a time each day to set aside for Bible journaling. My time is right before I have to go pick up my kids from the bus stop and my alarm is church bells. When I hear my church bells I put aside whatever I am working on and enjoy some Bible time before the craziness of the homework and dinner dash starts. Perhaps the best time for you in the morning before the rest of the family is up. Pray and ask God to help you commit a regular time to spend in your Bible and set an alarm to make it happen.

Separation makes the heart grow fonder.

The Pinterest Over Planner has plenty of ideas and is now ready to create. Separating these planning and creating times will help the over-planner make both happen. Set up a place for Bible journaling away from the computer and phone to reduce distraction and increase productivity. Separate planning time and journaling time to help keep your mind on the current task.

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Pinterest Bible Journaling Personality: The Hesitant Poster

How come it seems all the Bible journaling pages posted on social media are absolutely beautiful? This is like asking why all the Victoria’s Secret models look so perfect. The answer is simple — they don’t, it just seems that way. If you are often intimidated by those beautiful pictures and feel your work isn’t good enough then you might be a hesitant poster. We all know that not everything you see online is true, but that is easy to forget. The thing we must not forget is that all things that come from God are good.

Solutions for The Hesitant Poster

  1. Created to create.
  2. All beautiful in the eyes of the Lord.
  3. I get by with a little help from from friends.

Created to create

Our God is a creative God. The very first story of the Bible proves the importance of this creativity as we witness God creating day and night, water and land, and all the earth contains. For His finale, His encore, His final act, God created us. If you are one that claims to be “not very creative” stop right there. God created us in His image and therefore we MUST be creative.

All beautiful in the eyes of the Lord

Our Master Creator was a true artist, and like any true artist God created each of His works unique. This means our creativity is unique too. We all have different styles of creating and these differences are important in making the world a beautiful place. Whatever your style of Bible journaling God sees beauty in your pages. He knows the love and passion that was poured in and He loves it.

I get by with a little help from my friends

If you are a hesitant poster I encourage you to find a group of friends to help encourage you on this journey. Whether at a church or online, finding some supportive creatives will help build your self-esteem and confidence. You might even learn some new techniques. If you do not have a group like this I am more than happy to share mine. You can find us at The Holy Mess Bible Journaling Facebook group. This group of amazing, God-loving women are so supportive to all levels of creativity so post to your heart’s content.

Don't let Pinterest ruin your Bible journaling prayer for hesitant poster

Pinterest Bible Journaling Personality: The Social Media Junkie

The world is a distracting place. It is full of sparkles, lights, bells and whistles. It is easy to get distracted. It is easy to lose sight of our focus. The social media junkie has a focus on the feedback but might have lost sight of the Father’s purpose. If you feel you might fall into this category rest assured you are not alone. As humans we all need to feel needed and social media can provide an immediate source of positive feedback. I myself have fallen into the social media trap.

Solutions for the Social Media Junkie

  1. The good book is the best book.
  2. Create limits and boundaries.
  3. Fasting is feasting.

The Good Book is the Best Book

As followers of Christ, we are of the sinful nature no longer, but we do live in a fallen world. On our Bible journaling journey we must always remember to turn to the true Word for our feedback and answers.

The Good Book > Facebook! 

Begin each journaling session with prayer and time in the Word. I recommend a Bible separate from your Journaling Bible if available to help keep the focus on what God intends for each session.

Create Limits and Boundaries

When I have spent more than 2 days on a page I generally know that I have passed God’s desire and started heading into the “Pinterest perfect” category. For you it might be the amount of supplies or the number of pictures. Do a quick self-check of what really pulls you into those distractions and try to clear those of your Bible journaling. Creating limits for those things that are temptations will help keep the focus clear.

Fasting is Feasting

If limits and boundaries prove too hard, then perhaps a fast is necessary. Fasting properly has a wonderful way of re-centering life. In my personal Bible time I found I had fallen into an “every page has to look perfect” lie and struggled with finding desire and motivation to journal. I also will admit that the social media feedback had started to drive some of my journaling.

I took advantage of Lent 2018 for a fast. I committed to Bible journaling every day, but rather than spending all my time playing with my paints and markers I set a timer and spent half the time just reading the word. Then with my shortened time I limited my supplies to force myself to stay focused on the meaning rather than the art. During this 40 days I also posted no pages to social media.

This change in my Bible time was rather hard. There was a lot I learned about myself. I learned that every page is perfect when my heart is in it and remembered how to slow down and just be with my heavenly Father. If you feel you have lost sight of the true spirit of Bible journaling then a fast of what distracts you may help re-focus you.

Don't let Pinterest ruin your Bible journaling prayer for social media

You are not alone

Whatever your experience with Pinterest and other social media in life and Bible journaling, know that you are not alone.

You are created unique with specific assets and shortcomings. A big part of life is discovering your tendencies and learning techniques to not let them bring you down. These are just a few suggestions and techniques to help you keep your Bible time focused on God’s desires for your life.

Here at The Holy Mess we would like to offer our support and encouragement. We like to hang out and talk about Bible journaling here: The Holy Mess Bible Journaling Facebook Group.


Do you have one of these Pinterest Bible Journaling personalities? What has helped you overcome it?

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