What type of leader are you? Do you know your own quirks, desires, strengths and flaws? Do you share these upfront with those around you?

What do you think would happen if you did?

We all have leadership quirks, idiosyncrasies, and stuff that just drives us nuts. Typically we try to hide these things we consider flaws. What would happen if we shared them up front?

Do your leadership quirks help or harm you?

The User’s Manual to You

This a User’s Manual to You. Whether you are a leader to employees in your business, a teacher leading students, or a stay-at-home mom leading your children, we are all leaders.

Do those you lead know your idiosyncrasies and expectations? Even if you’ve been working or living together for years, are you sure they actually know?

I love this tool by Luc Levesque. It’s simple but so incredibly valuable. Check it out.


Used with permission. www.luclevesque.com


Here are some questions to ask yourself when filling out the blueprint. These are a starting point, and geared toward business. Modify for your situation.

Questions to Ask (and Answer) For Your User’s Manual

1. Which do I value more, speedy work or deliberate work?
2. What are my expectations for commitment to the job beyond conventional work hours?
3. What are my idiosyncrasies—that is, what are the individual quirks that anyone working with me should know about?
4. How will I help my employees get better at their jobs?
5. What weaknesses of mine should the team know about—and how can they help me improve?
6. What is my process for handling conflicts?
7. When it comes to mistakes, what’s the best way for employees to come forward?

(Used with permission. See more at: The Build Network)

Here is what my Blueprint looks like:

Sara’s Blueprint

Time to share it with people around me! Note that Luc (creator of the blueprint) says he never just emails this out to his employees. He sits down one on one with them and shares it. Now, that is smart leadership.

Ready to give it a try? Click here to download your own free copy!

Rather than hide our leadership quirks (which we all have), let’s try embracing them, and sharing them upfront. See if you can allow your leadership quirks to be an asset rather than a downfall.

What would your Blueprint include? What do the people you lead need to know about you?