How are you feeling about the holiday season this year? While the end of the year can bring great joy and times of celebration, it can also be a time of struggle and depression. Use our printable guide, My Holiday Hope Toolbox to bring contentment and clarity to this year’s celebrations.

The holiday season is a time of joy and excitement — except when it isn’t.

If you are in the midst of grief, loss, or depression, happiness is the last thing you feel. The rest of the world seems merry and bright, and you feel gray and blah.

And it’s this year one of challenge for all of us? Between quarantines, the pandemic, financial stresses and a tough election season, we all need peace like never before. If you are facing depression and anxiety, it’s all magnified by current world situations.

Even if you aren’t in a season of sadness, just the thought of the upcoming stress can be enough to make the best of us feel overwhelmed.

You might find yourself thinking (or saying) things like:

“I’d rather just skip the whole holiday thing.”

“I wish I could just fast forward right through November and December.”

“Bah humbug.”

Friends, I’ve been there.

I offer you hope.


My Holiday Hope Toolbox – Ease Holiday Depression

The Holy Mess Holiday Hope Toolbox is a kit to guide you into peace, clarity, and joy this holiday season. Yes, it really is possible. Here’s how.

The Holiday Hope Toolbox|The Holy MessWith this kit, you will:

  • Increase gratitude and appreciation
  • Slow down and savor little blessings
  • Learn ways to navigate the season’s challenges
  • Soak in God’s truth

This absolutely amazing resource is a wonderful holiday gift to give yourself.

The Holiday Hope Toolbox

My Holiday Hope Toolbox – Printable PDF Workbook

This digital kit will guide you how to make decisions that bring you peace this holiday season. Choose the activities that matter to you most and which are okay to skip – guilt free. Find meaning at the birth of Christ.



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The Holiday Hope Toolbox|The Holy Mess

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