On the Beach Jello Mini-Serving Dessert Cups for Kids is the perfect treat for your next family gathering, beach-themed party or luau.

Shark Week is here and we are ready for adventure. Click here to read a review of JAWS, the ultimate thrill movie that is just as good today as it was when it hit theaters in 1975.

Are you planning a beach-themed party? Kids and adults will love these fun bite-sized tropical desserts.

For a grown-up version, be sure to check out our On the Beach Mini-Shots for Adults.


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On the Beach Jello Mini-Serving Dessert Cups for Kids

These fun mini-serving desserts are super-fun for your next Beach Themed Party.
Prep Time4 hrs
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time4 hrs 10 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Kids
Servings: 20
Author: Sara Borgstede


  • 1 3 oz Box Blue Raspberry Jello
  • 1 Cup boiling water
  • 2 cups vanilla ice cream
  • Graham Cracker Crumbs
  • Gummy fish or sharks
  • 20 mini shot-glass size cups
  • mini plastic spoons optional
  • paper umbrellas optional


  • Mix Jello with 1 cup boiling water, stirring until dissolved.
  • Once dissolved, stir in ice cream until combined and melted.
  • Pour into mini-cups and put in refrigerator to set (3-4 hours or overnight).
  • Just before serving, top with graham cracker crumbs and gummy sharks.
On the Beach Jello Mini-Serving Dessert Cups for Kids

Gather your ingredients.

Helpful links:

Mini-Portion Cups

Little umbrellas for drinks

On the Beach dessert cups. Ice cream.

Don’t forget the ice cream!

Portion cups with lids.

I used these small portion cups that I found at Hobby Lobby. These are bit wider than shot glasses. Click here for more mini-desserts you can serve in shot glasses.

On the Beach Jello Mini-Serving Dessert Cups for Kids

I bought regular size and mini Swedish Fish so I could have mommies and babies. If you can find gummy sharks, those would look awesome in this recipe, too, especially for Shark Week on Discovery Channel.


On the Beach Dessert Cups

Make jello with 1 cup boiling water.

On the Beach Dessert Cups

Add vanilla ice cream to jello while it is still hot. Ice cream cream will dissolve. Mix in well.

On the Beach Dessert Cups

Pour into individual servings. You could also use wide regular plastic cups or small dessert bowls for a larger size dessert.

On the Beach Dessert Cups with Swedish Fish

Add graham cracker crumbs for sand and a fish or two. Note: the color of the fish bleeds when these desserts sit for more than a few hours, so if making the night before, do not add fish until right before serving.

on the Beach Dessert Cups

Serve! What a fun dessert.


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On the Beach Dessert Cups for Kids

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