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30 Day Spiritual Warfare Bible Reading Plan

Did you know that you have a spiritual enemy who seeks to lead you away from God? This might be a scary thought, but you have a God who rescues and protects you. This battle, although not visible, is real. Learn more about it with this 30 Day Spiritual Warfare Bible...

What Does It Mean to Take Every Thought Captive?

In the Bible in the book of 2 Corinthians, we are told to "take every thought captive to obey Christ." What does it mean to take every thought captive and as people who follow Jesus, how do we go about actually doing it? What does the Bible mean when it says take...

How Do I Pray? – Learning How to Pray for Beginners

Recently, a reader wrote and asked me a thought-provoking question when she said, "How do I actually pray? I understand prayer is talked to God but I don't get how I'm actually supposed to do it." Her question prompted me to think about learning to pray for beginners....


Instant Pot Lazy Lasagna Recipe

If you are having a lazy day and need a great meal, this Instant Pot Lazy Lasagna Recipe is going to do the trick. The whole family will love it this warm comfort food dinner. Easy Instant Pot Dinner Recipes These are some of my favorite cookbooks for easy Instant Pot...

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN: Great Heart But Little Showmanship

Have you seen The Greatest Showman, the musical that audiences are talking about? Unfortunately, my take on The Greatest Showman is that it has great heart but little showmanship. Read on to find out why. THE GREATEST SHOWMAN (2017) Director: Michael Gracey Starring:...

5 Things I Am Embarrassed to Tell You About My Weight Loss Journey

Today I'm taking you behind the scenes of my blog to share with you 5 things I am embarrassed to tell you about my weight loss journey. Now, let me be honest and tell you that writing this post is making me sweat a bit. Sometimes on social media and websites, we have...


Blue Apron + WW Freestyle Review

Did you know that Blue Apron has teamed up with Weight Watchers/WW to bring a new line of WW Freestyle meals to the menu? I tried the meals to see what it's all about and I can't wait to share my experience in this Blue Apron + WW Freestyle Review. What is Blue Apron?...

Instant Pot White Turkey Chili Recipe

Instant Pot White Turkey Chili Recipe

If you love chili, be sure to check out this Instant Pot White Chicken Chili recipe as a delicious alternative to classic tomato-based chili. Best of all, this healthy chili recipe is perfect for those following the Weight Watchers program since it is zero points on...

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30 Day Bible Reading Plan about Anger

30 Day Bible Reading Plan about Anger

When it comes to the topic of anger, the Bible has lots to tell us. Have you wondered what the Bible says about anger? Use this 30 day Bible reading plan about anger to learn more. Download this free PDF daily Bible reading plan about anger. What Does the Bible Say...

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Overeating is a sin. (Here’s how to overcome it.)

Overeating is a sin. (Here’s how to overcome it.)

Overeating is a sin. Do you cringe reading those words? I admit, I cringe typing them. Yet the truth is that overeating is a sin. Here's how to overcome it in your life and and if you are overweight, how to break free from emotional and spiritual bondage to food. When...

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5 Easy Meal Prep Solutions for Busy Women

5 Easy Meal Prep Solutions for Busy Women

Do you often find yourself scrambling at 4:55 PM to figure out what to make for dinner tonight? Dinner doesn't have to be rushed and chaotic. With a bit of strategic planning you can make it happen. Use these 5 easy meal prep solutions for busy women to make...

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