Why It’s Not Your Job to Fix Your Husband

Wives: Did you know it's not your job to fix your husband? How do you feel when you hear that question? Does it fill you with a tremendous sense of relief? (It should.) Or, does this thought give you a fluttery feeling of anxiety in the pit of your stomach? You might...

The Bible Journalers’ Christmas Wish List

They say, "It's the thought that counts," but what happens when you have no idea what to buy? The Bible Journaler's Christmas Wish List is here to help you out. Whatever the budget, this Bible journaling wish list from The Holy Mess has all the ideas you need for...

How to Use an Advent Wreath

Have you considered using an Advent wreath as part of your preparation for Christmas this year? For both adults and children, using an Advent wreath can make the holiday season more meaningful. Read on for information about how to use an advent wreath in your home...


Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 Top Deals

Are you looking for all the top deals on the 2018 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? We will be keeping up with all the Black Friday Amazon deals and will update this page often, so for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 predictions, deals, and top trends, come to...

Instant Pot vs Crock Pot – Which Should You Buy?

It's an Instant Pot vs Crock Pot complete side by side comparison - which one should you buy? As someone who writes about the Instant Pot on my website on a regular basis, I often have readers ask me this question, "Should I buy an Instant Pot or Crock Pot?" Today I'm...


Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Weight Watchers Freestyle?

If I had to list the number one question I receive from Weight Watchers members, it would be this, "Why am I not losing weight on Weight Watchers Freestyle?" Let's explore this together. Help for when you aren't losing weight on WW. Are You Not Losing Weight on Weight...

7 Ways to Bring More Romance Into Your Marriage

7 Ways to Bring More Romance Into Your Marriage

If you have been married for a while, then you know that at times it can feel like the romance is drained from your relationship. Day to day tasks and routines pull you away from spending time with your spouse. With these 7 ways to bring more romance into your...

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30 Day Attributes of God Bible Reading Plan

30 Day Attributes of God Bible Reading Plan

Do you ever wonder about what God is like? Join me in studying the attributes of God. When you learn God's attributes, you come to understand who God is, what he is like, and his nature. This 30 Day Attitudes of God Bible reading plan will take you on a month-long...

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20 Healthy Instant Pot Dump Dinner Recipes

20 Healthy Instant Pot Dump Dinner Recipes

Whether you are hoping to stick to your new healthier eating plan this year or are just looking for an easy way to put a better-for-you meal on the table, an Instant Pot pressure cooker can make it happen. These 20 healthy Instant Pot dump dinner recipes are exactly...

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