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Illustrated Faith Grace & Gratitude Devotional Kit

I am so excited for Fall. After months of summer heat I love a brisk Autumn day to remind me that to everything there is a season. My favorite thing about Fall is the increased family time brought on by those shorter days all culminating in one of my favorite holidays...

The Holy Mess Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude grows faith. Participate in a gratitude challenge during the month of November in order to turn find more joy and meaning in life - The Holy Mess Gratitude Challenge. What is The Holy Mess Gratitude Challenge? This gratitude challenge is simple yet will have...

30 Days of Gratitude Daily Bible Reading Plan

Gratitude impacts faith. By recognizing and expressing to God gratitude and thankfulness, you will deepen your faith and grow in wisdom. Use this 30 Days of Gratitude Daily Bible Reading Plan to grow in gratitude to God for who He is and the ways He is working in your...


30 Instant Pot Holiday Recipes You Have to Make This Year

Having all your Instant Pot Holiday Recipes in one place just got a whole lot easier. Here is the ultimate holiday entertaining recipe guide to help you plan your family get-togethers with ease. Ultimate Guide To Using Your Instant Pot For The Holidays I have some...

20 Easy Fall Instant Pot Recipes

Leaves are turning beautiful colors. The air is crispy. The season of fall brings with it warm, savory flavors and enjoying filling, hearty home cooking. You will enjoy these 20 easy Fall Instant Pot recipes that come together quickly and easily with your pressure...


Free Calorie Burn Calculator – How Many Calories Am I Burning?

When you have a goal of weight loss, it's helpful to know how many calories you burn during certain activities. Use our free calorie burn calculator to find out how many calories you are burn. How many calories will you burn? Why It's Helpful to Understand Calorie...

How to Get Back on Track After Binge Eating

You've overeaten. Binged. Now you're feeling bloated, miserable, and defeated. All is not lost! Here's a step by step guide for how to get back on track after binge eating. (We've even included a free PDF printable Back on Track checklist.) Here are the steps to get...

Weekly Points Tracker for Weight Loss – Free Printable

Would you like to lose weight while following a points system? Use this Weekly Points Tracker Free Printable to guide your weight loss efforts. Weight Watchers/WW Freestyle Weight Loss by Counting Points Weight Watchers/WW Freestyle uses a points system to help you...

30 Day Spiritual Warfare Bible Reading Plan

30 Day Spiritual Warfare Bible Reading Plan

Did you know that you have a spiritual enemy who seeks to lead you away from God? This might be a scary thought, but you have a God who rescues and protects you. This battle, although not visible, is real. Learn more about it with this 30 Day Spiritual Warfare Bible...

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What Does It Mean to Take Every Thought Captive?

What Does It Mean to Take Every Thought Captive?

In the Bible in the book of 2 Corinthians, we are told to "take every thought captive to obey Christ." What does it mean to take every thought captive and as people who follow Jesus, how do we go about actually doing it? What does the Bible mean when it says take...

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