Thank you for YOUR part in the launch of my business as a motivational speaker and author!

Response has been sweet and I’m having a blast writing and sharing with you. I’m a storyteller at heart and have a notebook full of story ideas I can’t wait to write. I know I’m kickin’ it old school with the notebook. I do take notes on my smart phone too as ideas come to me, and I’ve attempted Evernote, but so far I keep coming back to my Walmart journal as the tried and true.


What’s next?  I was given a grant by my church, Mount Olive Lutheran Church’s Endowment Fund, to attend She Speaks, a conference for women who feel called by God to writing and speaking ministry. I’ll be in North Carolina attending from July 24-26. I ask for your prayers as I attend this conference! As part of the conference I’ll be meeting with several book publishers and agents. Whoo-hoo! What would really help me is if you would share my website, blogs, and Facebook page with other people you feel would enjoy my messages. These days publishers look for an author to have a “platform” which means how many people are on your email list, follow you on Facebook, and all that social media craziness. I’m not stressing about this in the slightest. I 100% trust God has this under control and whatever He wants to happen will happen. I also believe it’s okay for me to ask for what I need, so I am asking!

I want to share some resources I find especially useful and give a shout-out to people who have helped me take my business to the next level. Truly they are the ones who seriously make me look good!

My husband Mike has been the absolutely most amazingly supportive rock of strength in regard to this business endeavor, and I’m so thankful for him! He’s believed for years that I should answer God’s call to be a speaker and teacher, and we have prayed and felt the Holy Spirit nudging that the time is now. Mike has never once doubted my abilities. He’s a pastor and double checks the theology in my Bible teaching, plus gives me great insights and an occasional Greek translation. He also happens to be a behind-the-scenes life hacker, curious about all sorts of topics, self-taught tech guru (everyone needs this type of person in his or her life!) who keeps my website running and researches any other creative stuff I want to try out. I tend to get myself into computer glitchy trouble and Mike fixes it for me. He’s my hero and for lots of reasons beyond fixing my computer!

Mike and Sara kiss pictureMike Sara anniversary picture

Our whole family has come into the game with Rebekah giving me social media advice, Kiersten giving me technical, video and speaking help, Josiah coming up fast behind Mike as the coding expert, and Paul and Zack handing out business cards at school!

Kristin Neuharth, who is the Owner and Creative Director at NEUdesign Company, designed my logo (love, love, love my logo!) and built my website. If you need logos, brochures, websites, or anything marketing, she is your woman. She’s the best! I cannot say enough positive about her design work, marketing advice, encouragement and optimism.


Sara business cards photo

I took a wonderful series of classes through the Aurora Small Business Development Center. Highly recommend for anyone in town who owns or is starting a small business!

Many friends have encouraged and supported me throughout my weight loss, personal, and spiritual growth journey, my becoming an athlete, and developing as a teacher and speaker. I fear lists for leaving someone out, but I have to say thank you to Jeff, Kathy, Jan, Janet, Jill, Lena, Linda, Mom and Dale, Daniel, Bob and Jeanne, and the Wednesday night Women’s Bible Study at Mount Olive. You have all supported me in so many ways! xoxo. Finally, I’d like to thank the academy…

If you are still reading, you are like me when I finish a book. I always read the credits or afterward at the end of a book, even if I have no clue any of the people the author is referring too. I find it interesting because it’s like a little glimpse behind the curtain to see who made the book happen. Also if the book was really really good, I don’t want it to end. The credits really don’t help because the story is indeed over, but it gives me the illusion I’m with the characters just a tiny bit longer.

There are a few blogs I follow on a regular basis. I have been reading Tricia Lott Williford’s beautiful blog about her family almost since she started writing it. She has now published a book called And Life Comes Back. I highly recommend both.

I get plenty of inspiration and advice from Michael Hyatt’s Intentional Leadership and Justin Wise’s Think Digital, both smart business blogs with from a Christian perspective.

Most of all, thank you to YOU for being a reader, because without readers there would be no need for authors and without listeners no need for speakers!

Who has inspired and helped you? What blogs or resources do you use on a regular basis?

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