What is The Flourish Bible Journaling Conference?

The Flourish Bible Journaling Conference is a gathering place for women who desire to passionately pursue God and His Word through their creative gifting. The Flourish Bible Journaling Conference is where faith + creativity meet.

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Your life has been designed by the Master Creator to flourish where you are planted. Whether or not you consider yourself artistic, we all have a desire to connect more deeply with God in our own creative ways.
Over the course of 5 days, 20 speakers offer encouragement as you seek to find your creative gifting, inspiration for your Bible studies, and tips and techniques for Bible Journaling.
And one of the best parts about it? The Flourish Conference is FREE.
I’m honored to be one of the speakers for The Flourish Bible Journaling conference, and Jade, who writes about Bible journaling on The Holy Mess, is presenting a workshop as well. The conferece opens April 23 and will be available for several weeks. Don’t miss out! Click now to join.

Why attend the Flourish Bible Journaling Conference?

  • No Travel
A virtual conference is held online, not in a conference hall. All interviews will be broadcast over five days so you can watch from the comfort of your own home.
  • Free Admission
Watch the speakers’ free presentations at your convenience when they debut according to the schedule below.
  • Encouraging Speakers
The Conference features 20 remarkable women. These ladies have pressed into God’s Word sharing their personal stories and practical insights with you.

Tips for Getting the Most out of The Flourish Bible Journaling Conference

 The Flourish Bible Journaling conference is completely free for you to enjoy. But, the reality is that an online conference like this one can be a bit overwhelming. There’s so much great information – how do you consume it all? Here are some helpful tips.
  • Plan to invest in the all-access bundle. The conference is free but you only have access to the videos for a short time. With the all-access bundle, you can watch the videos at your leisure. Plus, the all-access bundle includes tons of additional exclusive videos and helpful printable downloads worth hundreds of dollars!
  • Join the exclusive Facebook group. Once you join the conference, you’ll receive a link to join The Flourish Conference Facebook group. Do it! There, the speakers will be interacting with the group, sharing additional information, and there will even but a lot of give-aways. This group will be a huge benefit to your conference experience.
  • Choose your top picks. Look through the list of speaking topics and choose the top one you plan to watch each day.
  • Think about ways & times you can watch videos. Depending on the topic, you can watch or listen to videos while doing laundry, cooking dinner, or even going for a walk or run.

Click here now to register for the Flourish Bible Journaling Conference.

I’m thrilled to offer this opportunity to you and look forward to seeing you there!