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Thanks to reader Zoe Flint who clued me in to Jen Hatmaker’s project of asking 250 bloggers to review her re-release of her book Interrupted. I am excited to be one of the 250 bloggers. I had heard of Jen’s ministry, have been following her on Facebook for awhile and reading her blog, but had not yet read any of her books.

Jen’s second book, 7: A Mutiny Against Excess is actually her most famous. Jen says Interrupted is the book of her heart, so it has been expanded and re-released. It’s the story of how God completely interrupted her Christian way of life, turning her and her family in a new direction.

My friends, you are going to fall in love with this woman. I read most of this book on the plane on the way to the She Speaks conference a few weeks ago. I cannot remember the last time I could not put down a non-fiction book. I devoured it. I talked my husband’s ear off about it on my cell phone while I was driving to South Carolina to visit my friend. I read the rest of the book on my flight home. Then I talked my husband’s ear off about it some more when I got home while I was unpacking my suitcase. I’ve convinced Mike he needs to read the book for himself. You need to read it too.


Jen is real. She is a pastor’s wife who has tattoos, rides a Harley, and hosts poker nights for friends in her neighborhood. She also has 3 children by birth and adopted 2 more (sound familiar?). She and her husband started Austin New Church with the mission to reach people who are not Christians by ministering to them. Going TO them. Not with preaching, just with love in whatever form they need. (Are you getting a picture of why I love this woman?)



Interrupted excited me, convicted me, and challenged me. I can’t wait for you to read it and tell me what you think.

There is one aspect of the book where my views diverge from Jen’s. She teaches about The Last Supper (p.56-58 of the printed book) and Jesus’ words, “Do this in remembrance of me.” The word for “do” in this sentence implies a continual action, as in “keep on doing this.” The word for “remembrance” means “to make real.” Her belief is that as we are Jesus’ hands and feet, this is how we make the Lord’s supper real. We are the body of Christ, broken and poured out.

I see communion as continual and very much real, but in a different way. The work is God’s and not mine. Communion is not just a symbol but a sacred event. God comes to me and offers me life and forgiveness. Something absolutely real happens but it’s not because of anything having to do with me (thank goodness).

Communion – Christ’s once and for all and ongoing redemption made real in my life as I physically accept it. That redemptive work is a done deal with no more eternal sacrifice needed, allowing me to then to sacrifice myself for the good of others. Communion brings Christ’s life into mine so that I can fully live in Him.

Another image I have heard is that of a blood transfusion. Once a father witnessed his child very sick and her very life draining from her. She was even pale and lifeless in color, until she received a needed blood transfusion. Her father saw her color return and life restored. Communion is our blood transfusion.

Except for this difference, I highly recommend this book. It will challenge you to consider the church and your faith in new ways.

So let’s get to the fun part. I have a FREE book to give away! Yeah!

free interrupted

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