she speaks

She Speaks 2014

5 countries

42 states

1 passion: speak the name of Jesus.

logo bag

Mike and the kids gave me this bag with my logo on it as an early birthday present. I love it so much!

kids notes

Look what I found inside my suitcase. What awesome kids I have!

she speaks


Saying yes to everyone will not make me wonder woman. It will make me a worn out woman. –Lysa TerKeurst

When John Wesley was asked why such huge crowds came to here him preach, he said, “I catch myself on fire for Jesus. They come to watch me burn.” –Sharon Glasgow

See Faces not just Followers. –Courtney DeFeo

Pray more than you prepare. –Karen Ehman

Christine Caine = keynote speaker = fantastic. I cannot attempt to write down all the quotes from what I learned from hearing her speak. Her message was far and away the highlight of my conference time. This video is a similar one to what we heard. Sitting at her feet and taking in her message was such a learning experience for me. There is no question God is speaking through this woman.

A mom fail moment does not make you a mom failure. –Renee Swope

speaker group

My speaker mentoring group

I was part of a speaker mentoring group. We all prepared and presented a five minute speech which the group critiqued with the help of our mentor Sharon Glasgow. Everyone in the group was supportive and encouraging. I did “Elbows in the Frosting” which some of you have heard me tell before. (If not, invite me to come and speak to a group in your area so you can hear it. 🙂 )

I met with one agent and one book publisher to present my book proposal. Both meetings were insightful and great learning experiences. They each thought my ideas had good potential but need some refining, and I also need to work on building my platform (more people on my email list, more people following my social media, etc.) before a publishing house will considering publishing a book, even if it’s the best idea. Onward and forward! Each time you share one of my posts on your Facebook page, retweet on Twitter, pin a page on Pinterest, or forward an email of one of my messages to a friend, it helps me share my story with people who need the help and encouragement. Thank you!

God is calling me to share my story of how He has changed my life. I have been delivered from so much — from obsession with food, from obsession with dieting, from giving too much, from sadness and anxiety. My life is far from idyllic now, but I have so much freedom! God has given me this incredible life with amazing experiences, and my stories show other people how following God’s call gives freedom and excitement. Life isn’t meant to be lived just going through the motions of every day routine. God wants so much more for each of us than that. This conference confirmed for me this is what God is calling me to do.

People ask me, “Are you are speaker? Are you a writer? Do you want to write a book?” I want to share my story in as many ways as possible. I want to speak to groups. I want to blog. I want to write a book. I am just me. I am a regular person with a story of how God took my messed up, broken, ugly places and turned them into something beautiful by His grace. Any good you see in me — is not me. It’s Jesus working through me. I am not picky about the method. The message is what matters.