For the Christian woman, the DaySpring Agenda Planner is the tool you need to organize your life while keeping your focus on Jesus throughout your busy day.

DaySpring provided a planner for me to review for this post. All opinions are mine.

DaySpring Agenda Planner Reveal

What is the DaySpring Agenda Planner 2017 and 2018?

The DaySpring Agenda planner is a printed 18 month planner specifically designed for the Christian woman.

The current calendar runs from July, 2017-December, 2018.DaySpring Agenda Planner Reveal 2017

The Agenda Planner includes a monthly calendar plus a weekly page layout, in addition to space for notes and a pocket in the back.DaySpring Agenda Planner Reveal 2017|The Holy Mess

Want to see a video of the planner? Click here to watch me unbox mine. Click the link at the top of the video to view on Facebook and see the whole screen:

Included with the planner are 3 sticker sheets.

DaySpring Agenda Planner

Stickers in the back of the DaySpring Agenda Planner.

Agenda Planner space for notes in the back

Space for notes in the back.

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Who Needs a DaySpring Agenda Planner?

This planner is specifically designed for Christian women. If you enjoy using a printed planner that you carry with you, this is for you!

Maybe you can relate to the saying below.

DaySpring Agenda Planner

Fun and inspiring phrases are throughout the planner.

If you do all your appointments and notes on your smart phone, this is not the product for you. I LOVE my smart phone and use it constantly, but there is something I find helpful about a print planner and being able to see everything at a glance.

Keep in mind you can also use the DaySpring Agenda Planner as a prayer notebook (photos below).


How Do I Use the DaySpring Agenda Planner?

Use the DaySpring Agenda planner to keep track of a busy life!

DaySpring Agenda Planner weekly layout

Use your Agenda Planner to keep track of a busy schedule.

You can also use the Agenda planner as a prayer notebook. Keep scrolling for photo examples.

What Accessories Should I Purchase with the DaySpring Agenda Planner?

The planner comes with 3 sticker sheets in the back. These are small stickers for keeping track of daily activities. The blank ones are great for adding your own items, and I also like using them to cover up things I’ve written in pen and crossed out. I like seeing a “clean” page when I have open space, so when appointments get changed, I rearrange my to-do list, or I make a mistake, I cover it with a sticker.

I love the DaySpring post-it notes because they stick right into the calendar binding and you always have them handy. They are just the right size for use in your planner.

I also got additional stickers because…stickers! Can you ever have enough stickers? No, you cannot not.

Finally, I chose the washi tape. Washi tape is simply awesome for adding things to your DaySpring Agenda Planner. It can be moved and rearranged as needed. You can of course use any washi tape, but I love the designs that come with this planner and going with a cohesive theme.

What are the Pros and Cons of the DaySpring Agenda Planner?

Pros of the DaySpring Agenda Planner

There are so many great things about this planner! Here are some of the top ones.

  • Christian theme. Opening my planner and having beautiful reminders of God's love for me recharges my faith. This is a great encouragement to keep my days ordered according to God's will for my life.
  • Easy to use as a daily, weekly, and monthly planner and to-do list.
  • Works just as well as a prayer journal, or combined planner and prayer journal.
  • 18 months so I don't have to carry around 2 planners toward the end of the year.
  • Cohesive theme throughout the planner
  • Space for notes and pockets in the back
  • Fun optional add-on products.
  • Reasonable price point (Plus, be sure you use the coupon code mentioned above before July 31 for 20% off!)

Cons of the DaySpring Agenda Planner

I want to be honest and share that while I love the DaySpring Agenda Planner, it's not perfect. I'll just come right out and say I've been using an Erin Condren Life Planner for the last couple years. (Thank you to my in-laws who have been buying them for me every year on my birthday, because EC planners are expensive! Keep that in mind as you read my comparisons. A basic EC planner starts at $55 and you add on options, so my planner purchase each year was typically $70-90.)

  • The pages are thinner than what I'm used to, without quite the nice paper feel. The DaySpring Agenda planner pages are not thin by any means (think a little thinner than cardstock), but I'm used to an EC planner which has extra high-quality pages.
  • The binding isn't as nice as an EC planner. Once when I was removing washi tape that I put in crooked, the bottom of the page started to rip out of the binding. Next time I'll know to be more careful, but again I'm used to an extra high-quality paper and binding.
  • Pages cannot be added or rearranged. Some planners allow for changing up pages, and this one does not.
  • There is no full-sized pocket in the back. The EC planner I've used for several years has a full-sized zipper pocket in the back. This planner does not have an easy way to add one.
  • Saturday and Sunday have less space to write. DaySpring People listen up - my weekends are packed! My husband is a pastor so our Sundays are full of activity. Especially for Christian women, we need full space to write on Sundays.

Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons for me. I'll be using this planner for the next year and a half and I know I will love it! But, I did want to let you know the positives and negatives so you can make an informed decision.


How to Use the DaySpring Agenda Planner as a Prayer Notebook

DaySpring Agenda Planner as prayer notebook

Use your Agenda Planner as a prayer notebook.

What I really love about this planner is that you can use this as a prayer notebook. This can be done fully separate from your calendar, or mix and match as suites your needs.

What is a prayer notebook? Quite simply, write down your prayers, praises, and prayer requests. We have spiritual amnesia as my friend Connie Denninger of Visual Grace Communities likes to say. You will gain much benefit when you write down the ways God is working in your life. You will look back and see how God answered your prayers and was proved faithful again and again.

If you love the concept of Bible Journaling but do not want to write in your Bible, this is the perfect notebook to use instead.

The DaySpring Agenda planner is ideal for Bible Journaling.

Dayspring Agenda Planner as prayer notebook

DaySpring Agenda Planner as prayer notebook. Notice the tip-in of my daily Bible Reading plan.

The additional sticker and washi tape packs from DaySpring are simply perfect for this concept.

The DaySpring Agenda planner is the best planner for the busy Christian woman, and I highly recommend it.

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I would love to see your pictures of how you are using your planner! Post them on my Facebook page or in The Holy Mess Bible Journaling group.

How do you use your planner?

DaySpring Agenda Planner Reveal|The Holy Mess