How to Overcome the #1 Barrier

What do you think is the #1 reason people give for why they don’t follow through on their goals for physical activity?

Is it lack of motivation?

Could it be hating exercise?

Perhaps chronic pain or fatigue?

Maybe money for equipment or gym memberships?

These are all barriers to a regular routine of physical activity, but not the top reason.

Here’s the #1 reason people give:

I don’t have enough time!

While we could say this is an excuse — after all, we all have the same hours in the day, and we make time for what is important to us, it is true that our schedules are crazy these days. Trying to fit in one more activity on top of everything else gets nuts!

There’s not just the workout itself. It’s driving to the location, gathering equipment, then after the activity taking a shower, re-doing hair and make-up and driving home.

What is the solution? Here is the key strategy:

Pair exercise with something you enjoy and want.

Do you want more time with your spouse? Go for a walk after dinner to connect and talk about your day.

Do you desire more quality time with your kids? Go to the park together and play. Take a class together. Our family has been practicing Tae-Kwon-Do in a family class. I’ve been getting a great workout, learning a new skill, and spending time with my boys.

Are you longing for a better support system with friends? Meet for a workout instead of coffee. Take a class through your location recreation center or try a walking or hiking club. I know these new activities take courage. You can do it!

Personally, as a busy wife, mom, and businesswoman, I value ME TIME. I like going for a run and enjoying some music, prayer time, or time to brainstorm. I get home full of creative ideas. Some of them are great. Sometimes I get home, write them down and wonder what the heck I was thinking, but that’s how the flow works.

I have friends who use a treadmill with a TV in front of it, and only allow themselves to watch their favorite TV shows or movies when they are on the treadmill with it going. That’s motivation.

Re-think your physical activity strategies. What do you enjoy that you can pair with purposeful movement?