Do you struggle with depression, sadness, or anxiety? Refresh your spirit and find encouragement with this beautifully designed printable kit, My Hope Toolbox. Depression and sadness hit hard, yet God offers you peace. Get the resources you need for wellness.

Hope and Help for Depression and Sadness

When You Feel All Alone

Depression is a lonely road. When you struggle with depression and anxiety, you feel isolated and afraid. You despair that you will never feel better and life will always be this bleak. The world seems to go on around you while you stay stuck.

You know the Bible offers hope and comfort, but sometimes even God feels too far away. Then you feel guilty and wish your faith was stronger.

I have struggled with seasons of depression, panic, and anxiety. I’ve gone through times when I thought I would drown in grief and sadness.

I knew there were tangible things I could do to feel better, but getting up the motivation to do them simply seemed impossible. I just could – not – make – myself – get – going.

Can you relate?


How to Feel Better Fast from Depression

You are not alone.

You are not stuck.

While depression is real (and we encourage you to seek help from a medical professional), the spiritual attack is also real. Your enemy, Satan, does all he can to keep you stuck in lies, doubts, and circular worry.

You can take your thoughts captive to obey Christ and feel better. This isn’t a magical solution, but it is a path to managing your thoughts, which will change your feelings and your actions. Most of all, slowly day by day you will grow in faith and learn to trust God more with your wellness journey.


What The Hope Toolbox Will Do for You

As I began to heal from depression, I wanted to help other people who were struggling. I remember the deep, dark pain that depression brought into my life.

Depression felt like a downward spiraling vortex that I would never get out of.

Yet hope is available! I researched what practical steps were possible for people with depression to feel better. I understood that these needed to be the most tiny, itty-bitty baby steps toward light and healing.

I created The Hope Toolbox to give you realistic, practical strategies that actually work. Each step is based on Biblical truth AND what science shows us helps people make steady improvements.

The hope toolbox - cover of kit

Take Your First Step Today

Get everything you need to feel better starting now.

By using The Hope Toolbox Printable Kit, you will:

  • Create your personal Hope List. We each need a go-to list of little things to help us make it on the bad days. Sit in the sunshine. Call a friend. Buy flowers. Use our ideas ideas to get started and create a list of what works specifically for you.

My Hope Toolbox Revised

The Hope Toolbox is a printable kit that you can get started using right away. This isn’t about overwhelming chores and task lists that will only make you feel more guilty. Use these fun pages to discover your Hope List of practical strategies.

Hope List by April Best

Check out this completed page from The Holy Toolbox by April Best of Discovering Freedom Project.

How The Hope Toolbox Works for Depression, Sadness, & Stress

The Hope Toolbox is a digital download so you print it and begin using it immediately. Print and staple or put it into a folder. I three hole punched mine and put into a binder. The toolkit will enhance your Bible quiet time. Use it every day or just once in awhile – either way the result is improved mood and feeling better.

What’s included in The Hope Toolbox?

You’ll receive 20 helpful, beautifully designed pages including:

  • Your Hope List –  On the bad days, getting up and going can be incredibly difficult if not impossible. One proven strategy is to create a list of small things that bring you joy. The key is to create the list on one of your better days so that you have it for reference when depression or sadness hit hard. Need help creating your personal Hope List? We will guide you through the process.
  • Daily Journaling Pages – in 5 color choices. Keeping a journal (even if it’s not every day, that’s okay) and a gratitude list is scientifically proven to improve mood.
Daily Journal sample page

Daily Journal. Here’s a sample of one of my pages.

  • Helpful Resources – We give you resources for help in those darkest times.
  • 4 Areas of Motivation During Depression – One of the toughest aspects if depression is that it totally zaps your motivation. You have the best of intentions. You really do want to get going on your to-do list, organize that room, or simply get dressed for the day. Yet you feel completely drained and lethargic. Even simple tasks are overwhelming and you feel stuck. We help you discover the key to your motivation so you can get moving in a way that is realistic yet do-able.

It really is possible to find your motivation again. We’ll show you how.

  • Bible Memory Verses Note Cards – Use these printable note cards as a physical reminder of God’s grace and healing at work in your life. Soak your mind in the truth of God’s Word.
  • My Healthy Living Plan weekly Planning Chart – Use this simple one page guide to plan how you will move a bit more and eat a bit healthier in the days to come. The changes might seem small but the impact is big. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.


Get Your Hope Toolbox Here Now

Download your Hope Toolbox now and get started right away. Cut through the overwhelm with practical strategies that work.The Hope Toolbox for Sadness and Depression Workbook

Feel better.


For immediate download. This is a digital product. The file comes to you via email for you to use or print. No item will be shipped.

Size: 8.5 x 11 – Pages: 20



If you have any questions about this resource, reach out to me at [email protected] and I’ll respond right away.

My Hope Toolbox Infographic

Questions? Feel free to contact me at any time.

Click here for The Hope Toolbox  31 days series of blog posts.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

All the resources from The Hope Toolbox series are now in one handy location: Resources for The Hope Toolbox Series. Includes daily journaling prompts, Bible verses, and a huge list of clickable link resources.

Please note: I am not a therapist or expert. I encourage you to seek the help of your doctor or therapist for more specific information. Start here: NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness to find resources, support groups, information, and more.

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My Hope Toolbox to feel better fast from depression.

The Hope Toolbox for Sadness and Depression Workbook