Now is your time for healthy, realistic weight loss with the Weight Watchers program that gets back to the heart of what works. On Point! Your Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Success in 10 Simple Steps will set your path to reach your weight loss goals with WW*.

Before and After 100 pound weight loss

Is your weight loss progress stalled out? Are you frustrated that you keep moving back and forth between the same few pounds at each WW weigh-in? Is this all starting to feel like yet another failure?

There is a solution.

On Point – Your Guidebook for Weight Loss with WW

Learn the simple steps to lasting weight loss with MyWW.

This 80 page e-book guides you through all the important information you need to know to lose weight while counting points with the MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple program.

Download your e-book and get started immediately. All information fits with Green, Blue, or Purple Plans.



Lose Weight Counting Points with MyWW

The truth is that weight loss is not easy, but it is simple. This guidebook will walk you through the no-nonsense, tried and true strategies you need to lose weight for life.

  • Fast-forward through trial and error by learning what steps you need to take immediately in order to lose weight and which things you can skip.
  • Find out which products you need to purchase that will make your weight loss journey easier, and which you can skip.
  • Discover the secrets behind the WW success stories you see. How do they lose weight and more important, keep it off? This guide book will tell you.

Face to Face Before and After 110 pound weight loss - Borgstede
Face to Face comparison of my 100+ pound weight loss. Many people say I look younger now that I’ve lost weight. I’m actually 15 years older in the photo on the right!

You – At Your Goal Weight

Picture yourself at your ideal weight. What do you see?

Let’s cut through the social media noise and life distractions so that you can find your path to your goal weight in the fastest way possible. And, let’s make it realistic to maintain for a lifetime.

Imagine where you will be a year from now when you stay laser-focused on the simple steps that make weight loss work.

  • Wearing clothes you actually like, not just because it’s what’s in your size.
  • Moving through life light on your feet.
  • Confident because you’ve achieved your goal.
  • Eating delicious, healthy foods that taste great.
  • People in your life looking at you with admiration.

What’s Inside the On Point Guidebook?

Starbucks Protein Bistro Box - 5 points
Prep these WW Protein Bistro Boxes for a week of on-the-go lunches.

Here’s what’s included in the On Point guidebook.

  • Step 1 How to Count Points to Lose Weight with WW – Learn how to count points in a way that fits your lifestyle. You’ll learn about insider tips for making it realistic, and even fun! Plus helpful strategies for those super-busy days when you really don’t have time to track.
  • Step 2How to Have Successful Weigh Ins with WW – Oh, the weight-in days! Whether you attend WW workshops or weigh in at home as a digital member, we all want good weigh-ins. Does your heart beat a bit faster before you step on the scale? Mine does. In this chapter you’ll learn how to make sure weigh-in days leave you feeling like a winner.
  • Step 3How to Meal Plan for Weight Loss with WW – One of the strategies that helped me lose weight and now keep it off is planning the week’s meals in advance. This chapter walks you through how to do meal planning effectively for WW.
  • Step 4How to Grocery Shop for Weight Loss with WW – Success starts at the grocery store! We have lists of foods to watch for that are low in points and high in satisfaction, plus helpful shopping strategies that take almost no time or extra money but have a big impact on your weight loss.
  • Step 5How to Lower Points in Favorite Recipes with WW – We all have those favorite comfort foods we don’t want to give up. Whether it’s pizza or your mom’s lasagna, learn how to lower the points while keeping up the flavors you love.
  • Step 6How to Use Zero Point Foods with WW – With the MyWW system, members have 100 (Green), 200 (Blue) or 300 (Purple) zero point foods. Can you really eat as much of these as you want? How do they lead to weight loss? Find out in this chapter.
  • Step 7 How to Exercise for Weight Loss on WW – Do you have to work out like a crazy person to lose weight? What if you have time or health issues that make it so you can’t workout? Here’s how exercise fits with weight loss…and the answer might surprise you.
  • Step 8How to Lose Weight over Holidays with WW – Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. Christmas cookies. Halloween candy. It seems like there’s always a holiday with tempting foods. Learn how to navigate these challenges successfully.
  • Step 9How to Eat Out and Still Lose Weight on WW – Whether it’s fast food or dine-in restaurants, most of us go out to eat sometimes even though we know restaurant food is way higher in points than home-cooked. This chapter includes a specific list of foods I order when I eat out, plus helpful strategies to make sure restaurant eating doesn’t stop your weight loss.
  • Step 10What to Buy and Not Buy for WW – Get a list of items you must buy for WW success, things that are nice to buy when you can, and stuff you really don’t need and can skip to save your hard-earned cash.
  • (Bonus Content) When You Have a Lot of Weight to Lose on WW – If you have 50, 100, or more pounds to lose, the truth is your journey is going to look different from the person with 10 pounds to lose. As someone who lived much of my life 100+ pounds overweight, I can relate. Here’s what you need to know.
  • Helpful Weight Watchers/WW Resources – A long list of invaluable resources every WW member should have.

Meet the Author – Sara’s 100 Pound Weight Loss Success Story

For much of my life, I was 100 pounds overweight. I lost the weight and have been maintaining it for over a decade. WW is and was a huge part of my success. I’ve lost 100 pounds and feel fantastic!

Sara after
Sara Driver's License before and after
Driver’s License Before & After
before picture, 100 pound weight loss
Sara “before” picture.
finish line medal
At the finish line of a 150 mile distance bike event.

Today, I am maintaining my weight loss, exercise regularly, eat healthy & not so healthy foods, and live life as a regular person who doesn’t think about her weight all that much.

It’s a dream come true.

I NEVER thought maintaining a weight loss would be possible for me. I had gained and lost hundreds of pounds over the years.

I’m standing here today telling you it is possible because it’s happened to me.

WW Advice From Someone Who Knows

When it comes to WW, I know what I’m talking about.

I’ve been doing WW for years. I’m at Lifetime and maintaining at my WW goal weight. I’ve done both digital only and workshops.

I use the WW program to this day, just like you.

Get Your Copy of On Point & Start Today

Get your copy of the On Point guidebook and fast-forward your weight loss progress. Information included works for MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple plans and is applicable if you attend workshops, are digital only, or using the WW methods at home on your own.

On Point Guidebook to Weight Loss Success

Note – This is a digital e-book available for immediate download. No print materials will be mailed to you.



Weight loss isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

With On Point! Your Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Successlearn the 10 simple steps to weight loss with MyWW that lasts.

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