The Top 4 Best Ways to Store Legos

Having 5 children of our own and many foster children over the years, we are huge fans of LEGOS!

Legos are fabulous!

Legos are awesome toys!

Legos are a pain in the butt to store!

Legos are expensive! (so…Let’s not lose the pieces down the heat register.)

Legos are painful when stepped on!

We’ve tried a variety of solutions for our mountains of Legos. I’m not sure we’ll ever will the war, but these ideas have brought us closer to winning the battle. Here are the top 4 BEST ways to store Legos.

The Top 4 BEST Ways to Store Legos

  1. Lay-N-Go.
Lay n Go original

Folds up into a backpack for travel

Lay n Go Original

Large Lay-N-Go

Lay-N-Go is our top new favorite find for Legos. My husband and I love these! You can store all kinds of things in these handy little creations, but Legos is one of our favorites.

The original size is pretty good sized and when folded up is a backpack, which is really handy. The downside is that it’s pretty good-sized, but you can put a LOT of toys in it, either Legos or other items. It’s awesome for travel to Grandma’s or separating kids’ toys so they don’t fight (what we use it for at home).

Lay-N-Go, which is what Zack is playing with in the blanket above, and it’s my personal favorite size. I like it for travel too.

The Lite Lay n Go is also great for cosmetics.

2. Lego Zipbin

Last year my Mom bought each of our younger boys one of these cubes for their rooms, and we have used them SO much — every single day! It’s just the right size for storing the amount of Legos they can play with at any given time without being too overwhelming. (We store the rest in a container in the garage and exchange them on a rotating basis. See below.)

These containers zip open to make a play mat and then zip closed for a storage box, and there’s a lid, too. We’ve discovered you can even unzip half the sides and scoop all the Legos right into the box. (See below for the scooper we use, the Toy Dozer.)

Lego Zipbin, opened for play

Lego Zipbin, opened for play

Lego Zipbin

Lego Zipbin, closed as a storage box

Lego Zipbin Starwars is another cool option I know my kids would love.

3. Lego Brick Boxes

Lego Brick Bins

Lego Brick Boxes

Lego Brick Boxes are purchased with various sets of Legos already in them, but they are almost worth as much for the Lego storage containers. There is something about these boxes that makes them just the right size for storing the correct amount of Legos for a kid to create without being overwhelmed.

I’ve shared in posts such as this one: Parenting Strategies that Will Bring Peace to Your Home Within Days that we keep things simple for our kids, especially our kids with special needs. Their bedrooms have very few to no toys, and they play with one toy at a time. These boxes are perfect for giving them one set of Legos to play with on a blanket or set area.

(The smaller red boxes are from Lego Junior sets, which we REALLY like for the 4-6 year old age range.)

4. Clear under-the-bed containers

Clear under the bed containers

Clear under-the-bed containers

At the end of the day, sometimes you just need to go back to the basics. We keep the majority of our Legos in these containers and rotate through giving our boys smaller sets of Legos to play with. Don’t knock it just because it’s simple. These are $12 at Target and they work!

BONUS Items!

Toy Dozer

Toy Dozer for Lego Clean Up

Toy Dozer

We’ve had several of these types of toys that are supposed to help kids pick up little toys, but this Toy Dozer for Lego Pick Up is my favorite. It’s super-simple and it works.

Happy organizing and hours of fun for your children (and yourself)!

The Top 4 Best Ways to Store Legos