My daughter and were interviewed by BBC World Service Newsweek to give a Mother/Young Adult perspective about the hit show 13 Reasons Why, especially with the announcement that a second season is in the works. Click to listen to the interview and learn why this show is creating such a controversy.13 Reasons Why: A Mother and Daughter Interview|The Holy Mess

BBC Newsweek Radio Interview: Sara Borgstede and Rebekah Borgstede 13 Reasons Why

Click here to listen to a 1 minute clip of Sara Borgstede and Rebekah Borgstede on BBC World Service Newsweek talking about 13 Reasons Why.

BBC World News Newsweek Sara Borgstede 13 Reasons Why Interview

Sara Borgstede and Rebekah Borgstede

Sara and Rebekah Borgstede, mom and daughter give perspective on 13 Reasons Why

Click here to list to the full interview of Sara Borgstede and Rebekah Borgstede on BBC World Service Newsweek talking about 13 Reasons Why, starting at 15:40.

Click here to listen to the second time it aired, at 17:15 (similar but slightly different).


When London Calls, You Answer

Tuesday morning, I opened my email inbox to find an email from a senior producer of BBC Newsweek, asking if I would be willing to be interviewed for their radio program. I showed the email to my husband, which said at the bottom,

BBC Newsweek: Newsday is the world’s biggest radio breakfast show. We are carried on the BBC World Service network, the world’s largest international broadcaster, reaching 188 million people a week.

“I don’t think that’s spam,” my husband replied.

No, not spam.

A few weeks ago Jeff Marshall and I wrote this blog post about the show 13 Reasons Why and my recommendations to parents of teens.

Click here to read the original article: 13 Reasons Why: Should Your Teen Watch?

That article was shared on the website For Every Mom and created quite the conversation both on my Facebook page and on the For Every Mom Facebook page.

When I received a phone call from London a couple hours later, I was sitting in the parking lot outside a Weight Watchers meeting. I was about a head to Tae Kwon Do practice, and Bekah needed to head to the airport in a few hours to fly back to Denver. I hadn’t had a shower so I was pretty darn thankful this was radio and not T.V.

But when London calls, you answer.

We did the interview sitting at my dining room table a short time later. How fun to be able to give our perspective together! I told my teens my only desired outcome is that God uses our words to have a positive impact for His glory.


13 Reasons Why: Why the Controversy?

Why the intense controversy surrounding the show 13 Reasons Why?

  • The show sticks with you. Whether you agree or disagree with the show’s premise, those of us who watch find ourselves thinking back to the show many times in the days after watching.
  • 13 Reasons Why pushes the boundaries. Even for today’s standards, this pushes boundaries. Rape, suicide, and more is fully shown in a drama marketed to teens. Are we okay with this as a society in the name of educational purposes and discussion?
  • Mental health issues are addressed. For years, experts, those who suffer, and loved ones have heralded the battle cry that mental health issues need to be addressed in the open. This show does that. Not everyone likes the whys and hows, but it is being addressed.
  • It’s all here. Suicide, stalking, bullying (internet, social media, and in life), drug use, homosexuality, swearing, nudity, sexual content, self-harm, cutting, and rape. You name it, this show has it.

Have you watched the show 13 Reasons Why? If you have teens, did your teens watch? Will you be watching the second season?

13 Reasons Why: A Mother and Daughter Interview

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