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As our thoughts turn to Fall, many of us think of Thanksgiving. It’s the time of year when we reflect on the abundance and blessings we have. Yet it’s so easy to get caught up in the holiday celebrations that we forget to return to the source of all good things in our life – God our Heavenly Father. This year, I encourage you to use this 30 Day Thanksgiving and Gratitude Bible Verse Reading Plan to reflect on the many ways God has blessed you.

30 Day Thanksgiving Bible Verse PlanBack to the Bible and The Holy Mess Bible Reading Plan Partnership – Gratitude Reading Plan

For those of you who are familiar with The Holy Mess, you know that each month we bring you a new 30 day Bible reading plan.

This month, I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce a special partnership between The Holy Mess and Back to the Bible Ministries. Together, we are bringing you the reading plans you know and love on a new platform that will allow even more interaction, study, and discussion.

Back to the Bible Ministries has been researching, teaching, and guiding people to God’s Word for over 80 years. Through radio, internet, mobile apps and other emerging technology, Back to the Bible strives to guide people into regular study of God’s Word and developing faith maturity.

I’m especially excited about this new technology because it will allow you to take the Bible reading plan with you wherever you go with your smart phone. Sign up to receive a daily email with a reminder to read the short devotional thought and Bible verse.

Plus, you can comment on each day’s reading. I’ll be responding to your comments and can’t wait to hear your insights.

When you click the button to join, you’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this.

Back to the Bible Landing Page Gratitude Reading Plan

Once you click to join, you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this. Be sure to click the pink subscribe button.

Click the pink “Subscribe” button and you’ll be on your way to joining us for a month of 5 minute daily devotions! This reading plan is hosted by Back to the Bible Ministries and written by me, so it’s similar in format to the Bible reading plans you know and trust.

The Holy Mess Back to the Bible Screenshot Bible Reading Plan

Here’s what the reading plan looks like. Take it with you on your smart phone, follow along via email, and best of all post comments and ideas.

Grow in thanksgiving, faith, and gratitude this month as we enter into the holiday season. Learn about gratitude in the Bible and grateful heart Scriptures. As you study these Bible verses about appreciation and gratitude, you will walk closer to God with a deeper appreciation for all He has worked in your life.

Come join me?

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30 Day Thanksgiving Bible Reading Plan

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