7 Days to Super Star Feet

Have foot pain? Check out 7 Days to Super Star Feet for solutions!

7 Days to Super Star Feet

by Coach Jill Csillag

The beloved foot. Or, depending upon how you feel about the subject, the not so beloved foot. Granted, feet aren’t the most attractive parts of the human body, but they perform miraculous feats.

Your feet should be cherished for all the hard work they do. Think about it — your feet support your entire framework, including all the bones, muscles, tendons & organs that make up wonderful YOU.

It’s amazing the job your feet perform daily without complaints…most of the time.

Foot health is every bit as important as all the other parts of the body, especially with the cases of diabetes on the rise. A neglected foot can spell big trouble for those with blood sugar issues, as life threatening infections can settle in way too quickly and cause serious damage.

When your feet hurt, everything else is out of sync. Even if you aren’t diabetic, neglecting your feet and inviting injury or disease can make your life very uncomfortable. Considering that your feet support your entire bodyweight, you can find yourself in some pretty intense pain when things go awry.

This series promises to touch on the 6 most important aspects of foot health, and how you can improve or even prevent some of the more common (and uncomfortable!) foot issues.

These include:

    1. Toenail health and fungus issues.
    2. Cotton is rotten. Just say NO to cotton socks! (Check out Sock Geek  or Amazon for great sock options!)
    3. The pain of bunions, corns, and plantar warts.
    4. The agony of plantar fasciitis and how to expedite healing. (Plantars Fasciitis treatment options)
    5. Are you a pronator or supinator?
    6. The importance of proper shoes. (Such as these Women’s Shoes or these at Reebok.com. But remember, proper fit is THE most important factor.)

Tomorrow, we will begin with the unpleasant subject of  TOENAILS. We will learn how to care for them to keep them strong and healthy. Stay tuned!

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