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Abide in God’s Love: Do You Use a Holy Woobie?

Day 6: Read John 15:16-17, Romans 8:1-11

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Josiah’s Woobie

When my son Josiah was a newborn, I spread a yellow blanket across his crib, having no idea just how important that blanket would become. I chose it because it was soft and matched the decorative colors of his nursery.

Josiah picked it as his favorite and soon it was inseparable from him, especially if he was tired or not feeling well.

Josiah's Woobie

Josiah’s Woobie

Josiah's woobie

I love the movie Mr. Mom. In this scene, the little boy is fiercely clingy to his special blanket, his “woobie”, and his dad attempts to break what he considers his son’s addiction. Watch it here:

Hence, Josiah’s blanket soon became his “woobie” too, but we didn’t see any reason to make him give it up…until a few years later.

Josiah's Woobie

Josiah’s Woobie

Josiah's Holey Woobie

Josiah’s Holey (Holy?) Woobie

The holes in Josiah’s woobie had gotten so big, I was seriously afraid he was going to choke himself in the night.

This woobie had to go.

I bought a new blanket, just as yellow and just as soft.

I gave him both to sleep with for a couple nights, and then I took away the old one. Josiah did surprisingly well with the transition.

My mom sentimentality wouldn’t let me part with the old woobie, so I stuck it deep in the bottom of my sock drawer to save for him when he was older.

About a month later, Josiah became sick with a bad cold. He couldn’t sleep. “Please, Mommy, can I have my old woobie back? It worked so much better than this new one.”

My sweet boy! What mom can resist such a request from her son?

I dug out the old woobie, just for a couple nights. Sometimes, only the best will do.

Josiah is 13 now, and it might be possible that he still keeps his woobie around, but I’ll never tell. Josiah

RADICAL SECURITY: Do You Use a Holy Woobie?

As adults, we smile fondly at a child’s desire to cling to a security blanket, a stuffed animal, or other love object.

We know the object itself doesn’t have any special value, but it’s the value that is placed upon it.

What about the things to which we cling?

Those are different, you might tell me. Now that Mike and I are parenting teens, we talk to our teens all the time about how they are entering into the grown up world, with real consequences. The decisions we make have bigger, lasting results.

Take money as an example. Money has no value in and of itself. The paper money is printed on is worth less than a few cents. Money is a tool.

Money brings a sense of security. Don’t you feel better when you have extra money in your bank account? I sure do. What if you have 8 $20 bills in your wallet? I feel great knowing it’s there!

The money itself is not giving us the feeling. We are providing the feeling, just like Josiah’s feelings about his woobie.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a sense of security in financial well-being. I firmly believe God calls us to be good stewards of what we’ve been given.

The challenge comes in finding continued maturity. What if your money was taken away? Could you continue to rest in God’s promises, secure in the knowledge that God will provide for you?

One of the gifts of a life of abiding in God’s love is security. As a parent, I had no desire to take away Josiah’s woobie. Why would I? For him, it was a reminder of our family’s love and protection.

God continues to give each of us reminders throughout our day of His love and provision. Today as you abide in Him, watch for His specific signs of provision for you. How is He reminding you that you can rest securely in Him?

There may be times we need to live without our security blanket — our Holy Woobie, if you will. Maybe our bank account runs dry. Maybe relationships falter. Maybe success in ministry or business wanes, or our reputation is tarnished.

God has not changed.

At these times, God is asking us to put down the woobie for awhile, and run into the arms of the One who provides real security.

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